Listen Maudie, The Burren Wind Plays My Fiddle jig

Also known as The Burren Wind, Listen Maudie.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Listen Maudie, The Burren Wind Plays My Fiddle
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
e|:aeg a2 a|gab age|aeg a3|~g3 age|
aeg a2 a|gab age|~g3 gab|age edB:|
|:eAA ~A3|~d3 ged|eAA ~A3|~G3 GBd|
eAA ~A3|dBd dBd|~g3 gab|1 age edB:|2 age d2||

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Notes by the Composer

I wrote down this tune in the Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland in May 2001, in the middle of a very lonely rocky field on one of these rare sunny days. My wife Maudie was drawing the landscape and I took out my fiddle. The wind was strong and soon I heard it whispering and singing in my fiddle’s E string. “Listen Maudie, the Burren Wind plays my Fiddle”, I said. I just had to put my fingers down on the strings here and there to get the tune out of the air. Hope you enjoy it.
Thierry Masure, Knockalassa, Milltown Malbay, Co. Clare.

C: ~ Failte! / Welcome! ~ but, please read the FAQs

You aren’t the first and won’t be the last ‘composer’ to join and immediately want to share your inspirations with the rest of us. Fortunately we have our webmaster Jeremy who has tried to curb this urge with a reasonable request. However, it is best to get to know a place beforehand, but, others have passed before you, and some have tried a run of their genius, one tune after the other.

Another option, if you can’t hold back, is to offer future inspirations in your ‘details’, the ABCs and a bit of the story behind it, as you’ve done here. Many of our members, longstanding and new, have done so, such as fiddlerdan, the Reverend, and for one example ~ dear nicholas ~

Failte/Welcome, and may your time here be at the least interesting…

It isn’t unknown for one of us to try out these compositions and, if we get into it, to later add it to the database, as I and others have done a few times…

Also, your ABCs will convert to dots better if you structure as 4-bar phrases, so ~ just a suggestion ~ (passing Fs would be #, or ^f / ^F) ~

K: Ador
e |: aeg a2 a | gab age | aeg a3 | ~g3 age |
aeg a2 a | gab age | ~g3 gab | age edB :|
|: eAA ~A3 | ~d3 ged | eAA ~A3 | ~G3 GBd |
eAA ~A3 | dBd dBd | ~g3 gab |[1 age edB :|[2 age d2 |]


Thanks for the remarks and the welcoming words Ceolachan.

I understand what you write. Just some background. This tune is around since 2001, and by now it has been appreciated and played by some very good musicians around the world. As people regularly ask me for a transcription, and my brother Philip and Isaac Alderson are about to record it with their band Comas, I thought it was about time to put it online. Just to say that it was not really “an urgent need” to post my own compositions 😉))

I have many other tunes as well, but I wasn’t thinking to post them. I will only post other tunes after being tested in “real life”, like the tune I posted today. Or put them on my own member detail page as you suggest, just to make shure I don’t lose them. You are very right to keep the database clean. I fully understand the need for that and agree 100% with it.

Keep up the great work man!

PS Sorry for not reading the FAQ’s first, but I didn’t have any questions. Hence I didn’t think they could be relevant before posting my first tune. Therefore I have a suggestion: why not put a sort of “read before you post” page before allowing anybody to post tunes? Think might save you some time.

No worry, love giving new tunes a little air time.

Please, go ahead and add more, but consider adding them in your ‘details’, which will give them some time for others to give them a try, like myself. It isn’t about ‘time’ as such, except there is a bias for the well seated and aged melody here. As is traditional, most ‘new’ compositions are pretty awful.

A lot of tunes get added here that are ‘compositions’, but by folks other than the composer picked up in a session or from a recording and having taken someone’s fancy. The attempt at balance by Jeremy is appreciated by most of us that use the site.. As said, we have had those that are over zealous with their genius… 😀 There have been a few that added a new composition a day until Jeremy put a stop to it. I think the greatest number I can remember was six in a row. I understand their excitement for music ~ but…

Lovely tune Thierry

I enjoyed playing your tune and thank-you for the lovely story that goes with. I could picture you out there on the Burren with the wind.

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JACKB ~ One of those who loved his tunes so much he gave us a run of them one right after the other… 😏

The Burren is a constant inspiration, heart and soul…

I think Isaac Alderson is a marvelous flute player. I didn’t know Sylvain Barou left Comas. I’ll be looking forward to that new cd. But lovely tune, thanks for sharing.

Sylvain will be missed

Sylvain is very bussy with Guidewires for the moment. As they are based here in Co. Clare, I see him more often than when he was playing with Comas. Funny. Anyway, Comas needed to look for another fluit player. If you know Sylvain’s talent, you know that must have been very hard. But Isaac is a great flute player and piper as well. Won All Ireland on both instruments. We had a few tunes together while he was over recording. As well as being very talented he is a nice person as well. I am shure he will do very good in the band. Regarding the tune. I am not shure if it will make it onto the CD (yet). Philip recorded my version and sent it to Isaac to practice it … But they have many more excellent sets and they will have to make a selection.

oh for jesus sake ceolachan give it a rest.

Nice tune, enjoyed playing it!


Thanks for the extra information thierrymasure, appreciated, especially the story behind a tune… I would welcome an escape to the Burren right now, away from the general madness and BS that life sometimes throws our way…

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