Matthew’s waltz

By Josephine Marsh

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Matthew's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
EC|:B,3 B, CE|F3 z EF|G3(A) GF|E2 C3 E|
B,3 B, CE|A4 GF|G6|B4 {F}EC|
B,3 B, CE|F3 z EF|G4 GF|E2 C3 E|
[1 B,3 B, CE|A4 GF|E6|E3 B,EC:|
[2 B,3 B, CE|AB3 GF|E6|E2 G2 B2||
|:c4ce|c2 B2 G2|B4Bc|B3 EGB|
c3 Bce|c2 B2 G2|B6|B3 E GB|
c4ce|c2 B2 G2|B3 GBc|G2 F2 E2|
[1 C3 B, CE|GA3 GF|E4EF|E2 G2 B2:|
[2 C3 B, CE|AB3 GF|E6|E3 B,EC||
X: 2
T: Matthew's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3GFE|:D3 D EG|A4 GA|B4 BA|G2 E2 GE|
D2 E2 G2|c3 B BA|B6|d4 (3GFE|
D3 D EG|A4 GA|B4 BA|G2 E2 GE|
D2 E2 G2|c3 c BA|1 (G6|G4) (3GFE:|2 (G6|G2) B2 d2||
|:e4eg|e2 d2 B2|(d4 d) e|d4 Bd|
e4eg|e2 d2 B2|(A6|A4) Bd|
e4eg|e2 d2 B2|d6|B2 A2 G2|E3 D EG|
c3 c BA|1 (G6|G2) B2 d2:|2 (G6|G4) (3GFE||

Six comments

Matthew’s Waltz

From Josephine Marsh’s debut album. Lovely tune, I think she use to play it at sessions, at least I heard her playing it at the Cuckoo Fleadh in Kinvara and the Ennis Trad Festival last year.

Josephine plays it on E on her album, but it’s nice in lots of other keys, as well. On the B/C box, it’s quite playable in C, D, E, F, F#, G, A, and B.

Of course, you are absolutely right. I wrote it down right from the CD to a piece of paper, not playing it at the same time with the flute, otherwise I should have realized at once… I must check my ear, I think it’s one semitone out of pitch, it’s not the first time it happens to me… Thanks, Gary. I have set the tune to its original pitch, in E.

Must only apply to whistles, but you forgot to mention Db, Eb, Ab, Bb and of course, Cb?

Composed by Josephine Marsh

Just a quick note to say that this tune was composed by Josephine herself.

She sent me an email about the tune and adds “Many thanks for including it here.”