St Patrick’s Cathedral barndance

Also known as Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

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One setting

X: 1
T: St Patrick's Cathedral
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d2 d2 B2 B2|{cd}c2 B2 A4|B2 F2 G2 AB|A2 G2 F4|
{EF}E2 FG A2 Bc|d2 F2 G2 c2|{Bc}B2 AG "tr"F3 G|G4G2 z2:|
|:B2 B2 e2 B2|c2 BA d4|B2 G2 E2 c2|{Bc}B4 A4|d2 g2gdcB|
c2 a2ac{Bc}BA|B2 g2 d2 {cd}c2|"tr"B2B/A/B/c/ A2 GF|
E2 c2 D2 "tr"fe/f/|g2 d2 ed c2|{Bc}B2 AG "tr"F3 G|G4G2 z2:|

Eight comments

"St. Patricks’s Cathedral" C: John Sheahan

"Another lovely tune by John Sheahan - this one inspired by a visit to St Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. (The tune is John Sheahan Marino Publishing ©)"

😉 I figured you’d rise to the challenge…

Film Shona McMillan ~ I forgot the credit for that YouTube… It cut off in the cut-and-paste…

Also thanks as I can now also send this to ‘Uncle Jack’ with the hopes of getting that other Sheehan melody properly named…

"Christchurch Cathedral" ~ C: John Sheehan
Submitted on October 8th 2006 by UncleJack.

The Real St Pat’s

A composition by John Sheahan, not to be confused (though it has been) with another of his compositions, dedicated to Dublin’s other cathedral "Christ Church Cathedral", also in this database.

Submitted by suggestion from Ceolachan.

St Patrick’s Cathedral’s full name is " The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Patrick" and Christ Church is more formally named "The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity" (thank’s Wiki).

Hear The Dubliners play it here:

A far cry from The Wild Rover…..

I would have added the ornamentation symbols if abc was more able.

Looks like you were in the shadows waiting, Ceol!

I submitted it as a barndance with you in mind, Ceol.

Rather that than a reel - at least it’s quite obviously not a barndance!

The poem, an aside, is for you Weejie… 😉