The Turning Of The Season waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Turning Of The Season
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B,D|"Em" E3 F ED|"G" D3 d cB|"Am" B2 A3 G|
"C" G3 G ED|"Bm" B3 d eB|"Am" B2 A2{B2A2}G2|
"C" E3 B GA|"D" A4 B,D|"Em" E3 F ED|
"G" D3 d cB|"Am" B2 A2 G2|"C" e3 d BA|
"Bm" B3 A GE|"Am" A3 E DB,|"D" A,3 B, A,G,|
"C" G,4 dc|"G" c2 B2 d2|"D/F#" a4-ab|
"C" b2 g3 d|"G" AB B3 d|"F" Bc A2 G2|
"C" DE E3 G|"Am" DE E2 D2|"D" A,4 dc|
"G" c2 B2 d2|"Bm" a4-af|"C" fg d4|
"Bm" de A4|"F" AB G2 D2|"Am" A,B, B,2 G,2|"Dsus" A,6-|"D"A,4:|

Five comments

Super waltz!!!
I have listen about it in "Come to Dance" by John Whelan, but i think it is a tune composed by Robin Bullock.
Maybe there is an user that can tell us the truth.

"The Turning of the Screw" ~ C: Robin Bullock

& from John’s album: "Come to Dance"

"The Turning of the Screw" composed by Robin Bullock, published by Nara Music Inc.(BMI)/Wolf Howl Music (BMI)

John Whelan’s ‘band’ includes Robin Bullock and there are several other of his compositions on this recording… And to think I knew John way back when, before he had a wife, children and was born again… He was always a nice lad, and a talented musician too…

I don’t have this album by John Whelan, but I’ve got his other two. Beautiful tune.