Donald MacLean’s jig

By Peter R. MacLeod

Also known as Donald MacLean, P/M Donald MacLean, Pipe Major Donald MacLean, PM Donald MacLean, PM Donald MacLean Of Lewis, PM Donald MacLean’s.

There are 13 recordings of this tune.

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Donald MacLean's has been added to 35 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Donald MacLean's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
a|:A>AA cee|AdA cGB|A>BB B>cc|c>dB cfe|
A>AA cee|AdA cGB|e>cc dBc|1 Ace a3:|2 Ace a2||
|:f|efe A2c|efe cAc|fee c2e|fee faf|efe A2c|
efe caf|1 ecc dBc|Ace a2:|2 e>cc dBc|Ace a3||
A>AA c>cc|dcc dGB|A>Ae cdB|Ace aga|
A>AA c>cc|dcc dGB|e>cc dBc|1 Ace a3:|2 Ace a2e||
aee a2e|fee cee|fee f2e|cee Bee|
aee a2e|fee caf|e>cc dBc|Ace a2e|
aee a2e|fee cee|fee fee|cee Bee|
aee aee|fee caf|e>cc dBc|Ace a2||

Six comments

Great Pipe Jig Composed by Peter R MacLeod. Quite a popular session tune.

Indeed a fantastic jig. Thanks for posting.

I see it is linking to recordings with the reel of the same name such as on First Harvest.

“I see it is linking to recordings with the reel of the same name such as on First Harvest.”

Malcom, indeed it does. I tried a few times re-editing the title in different ways to include “jig” As in “Donald MacLean’s Jig” to distinguish it from the reel and the other Donald MacLean titles, “tuning phrase” etc. But alas, it’s not to be, the title is rendered simply as Donald MacLeans’s by the site software. I can’t get the entry page to accept the word Jig without including it in the actual title. “Donald Jig MacLean” wouldn’t do at all.

I see you’ve submitted the reel, and many thanks for doing so. I’ve added a link to the reel below for anyone misdirected;

Of course, Donald MacLean titles, doesn’t include the “tuning phrase” it was Donald “MacLennan” who has the Tuning Phrase :~|

“Farewell to Oban” and “of Lewis” are of course among the titles that have a Donald MacLean pre fix 🙂

I also added some iterations of P/M Donald MacLean as I have seen the jig often called.

Thanks for that Malcom