The Big Hungry Cat reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Big Hungry Cat
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:z|E2DE GABd|g2fd cAGF|E2DE GABd|cAAG EAGF|
E2DE GABd|g2fd cAGF|E2DE GABd|egfd e3:|
|:f|g2ed BABd|f2dB AFDf|g2ed BABd|egfd e3f|
g2ed BABd|f2dB AFDF|E2DE GABd|egfd e3:|

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The Big Hungry Cat

I decided to give a go even though my discussion forums were taken down. So here comes ‘The Big Hungry Cat’!

Is this a tune you’ve written, or where did you find it?
I like it..

"The Fat Cat" ~ transformations of imagination

I was playing through this when suddenly to mind came a certain friend’s cat, a ‘hungry cat’, a ‘fat cat’, and the swagger and dragging belly, sometimes bouncing off of things as it lopped along, changed this to a loping swing time, a hornpipe, though I also catch myself throwing in the occasional snap too. Anyway, this is where it ended up, still the same basic melody. As I realized what was happening I did start chuckling too, with the same swing ~

X: 1
T: Fat Cat, The
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: hornpipe
K: GMaj
|: (3cBA |\
B2 D>E G>AB>d | g2 f>d c>A (3FGA | G2 D>E G>AB>d | c>A (3FGA E>c (3cBA |
(3BcB D>E G2 (3Bcd | g>Gf>G e>c (3AGF | (3EFE D>E G>AB>d | e>g (3fed e2 :|
|: (3def |\
g2 e>d B>^AB>d | f2 c>B A>FD>f | g2 e>d B>^AB>d | (3efg f>d e2 d>f |
(3gag e>d B2 G>d | f>Ac>B A>DA>F | E2- E>D G>A (3Bcd | e>gf>d e2 :|

& taking it home ~ | E2 D>E G>AB>d | c>A (3FGA G4 |]

C: ??? credit the composer. If it is your own, be sure to also check the FAQs with that regard, and maybe consider sharing more of your compositions and the inspirations behind them in your ‘details’, for a few good examples of this ~


Hi there, I picked this tune up at a session a while ago. I’m not sure who composed it though. Sorry. Interesting take on it there ceolachan!

Your posts in the discussion forum weren’t taken down.

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Got the composer

The composer of this quirky reel ‘The Big Hungry Cat’ is Enda Seery which I’m sure ceolachan you will be delighted about.

HAHAHA ceolachan will LOVE THAT 🙂

Yeah, it seems ‘traddie’ is an intimate friend of some kind, or at the least an accolade. I guess one can always enlist friends and acquaintances to add their comps here. What can I say, eh? I did have a chuckle when I saw this and who had submitted it. Some of us had been convinced it was another alias for Enda. 😀

‘acolyte’, I have said I’ve been fried lately, lost sleep, up late. At least I didn’t say something like aconite… 😛 And yes, I did have my suspicions…

Fun song

This is a fun song to play, I like it!!