Donald MacLean reel

By Peter R. MacLeod

Also known as Donald MacLean’s.

There are 9 recordings of this tune.

Donald MacLean has been added to 11 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Donald MacLean
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:e|e>Ad>B A<AG>B|B>dd>e B>GG>e|e>Ad>B A<AG>a|a>Gg>G A>AA:|
B|A>aA>a a>gA>B|B>dd>e B>GG>B|A>aA>a a>gA>a|a>Gg>G A>AA>B|
A>aA>a a>gA>B|B>dd>e B>GG>e|e>Ad>B A<AG>a|a>Gg>G A>AA||
|:g|G>AA>d B>GG>d|B>ee>g d>eA>B|G>AA>d B>GG>a|a>Gg>G A>AA:|
a|a>ee>g B>dd>e|B>GG>A B>gg>a|a>ee>g B>dd>a|a>Gg>G A>AA>a|
a>ee>g B>dd>e|B>GG>A B>gg>e|e>Ad>B A<AG>a|a>Gg>G A>AA||

Six comments


This is the reel though not a reel version of the jig of the same name, also by Peter R. MacLeod. Likely the same namesake though.

In A minor? Debatable since there is no 3rd in this tune (and no 6th either): It could as well be said to be in the ‘Pentatonic mixolydian’ mode.

No F’s or C’s, so A minor A Dorian A Mixolyidian or even D C and G would play the tune in the K: field

If one had to be pedantic A dorian would be the mode, this being a pipe tune and a powerful one at that.

First tune last track on the album "first harvest" by the iain’s: Iain MacDonald & Iain Macfarlane, this tune never fails to inspire me. A simple but mighty mighty tune in the right hands.

Try some passing notes on C & F, for me the natural lean has been for C natural and F sharp, A Dorian…

"If one had to be pedantic, the mode would be A dorian, this being a pipe tune, and a powerful one at that.”

In what way does a link between pipe tunes and A dorian make sense? If you’d said A mixolydian I’d agree with you.

Re: Donald MacLean

Simple? Not finding that an issue. On the flute anyway.
Mighty? YES!