Les Filles De Mon Pays hornpipe

Also known as Adieu Les Filles, Les Jolies Filles De Mon Pays.

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Six comments

This is a march, not a hornpipe. Originally from France.

This tune is sometimes played at one of my local sessions (Bristol, England) - albeit with a slightly longer title:

“Les Jolies Filles de Mon Pays”

From which region of France does it come from - do you happen to know?

It’s from the Morvan area (Bourgogne) in the northern “Massive Centrale”

Thank you, swisp - I thought that it might be from that region.

Adieu Les Filles

I play this regularly with our local French group Folklorique ( http://sonneursvalleenoire.free.fr/ ) as we use it for parades. A group from the Morvan explained it was from the 14/18 war when the girls bid Farewell to their boyfriends as they left to join the war. They also said is a slow march.