Princess Polly jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Princess Polly
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:A/B/|cAc BGB|cAA A2B|cAc B2A|GEE E2B|
cAc BGB|(3cBA c (3BAG B|A(3Bcd edB|cAA A2:|
|:a|age ged|cAA A2a|age g2c|(3Bcd c G2B|
AEc BGd|cAe deg|age =fed|cAA A2:|

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I learned this from Kevin Crawford about a week at a whistle workshop in UL. One of his own compositions, great tune for cross fingering practise.

Should that be eight bars each part, as opposed to four?

Reminds me a bit of “The Black Rogue” reharmonized to Amin, especially the A part.

X: 1
T: Princess Polly
* M: 6/8 ~ !
L: 1/8
* R: jig ~ !
K: Amin
|: A/B/ |\
cAc BGB | cAA A2 B | cAc B2 A | GEE E2 B |
cAc BGB | c/B/Ac B/A/GB | AB/c/d edB | cAA A2 :|
|: a |\
age ged | cAA A2 a | age g2 c | B/c/dc G2 B |
AEc BGd | cAe deg | age =fed | cAA A2 :|

- instead of as you’ve given it?:

K: Amin
AB| cAc BGB cAA A2B| cAc B2A GEE E2B| cAc BGB (3cBA c (3BAG B| A(3Bcd edB cAA A:||a| age ged cAA A2a| age g2c (3Bcd c G2B| AEc BGd cAe deg| age =fed cAA A2:||

I could/should have offered that. Thanks ‘c’.

A marching/piping quality to this one, no?

Yes, it does. I wonder if Kenny or Nigel are familiar with it, or anyone else ? 😏

Princess Polly

I don’t recognise it in the way you’re thinking, ceolachan, but it does remind me of the A part of

T:Britches Maker, The
Z:Nigel Gatherer
N:Transposed from Gmin for comparison
B | c/d/ec B/c/dB | cAA A2B | c/B/c/d/e/f/ gec | BGG G2B |
c/d/ec B/c/dB | Aca g2f | e>dc B>cd | ecA A :|
B | c>d/e/f/ gec | gec gec | d>e/f/g/ afd | afd afd |
c>d/e/f/ gab | c’>ba gfe | dcB e2B | cAA A2 :|

which was possibly Nathaniel Gow’s inspiration for his “Lament For The Death Of His Brother”. It is in turn related to “The Gallowglass”


thanks for the correction, simple bar line error….🙂

Only you can correct the original ABCs. Another convention, which makes for usually a better transfer to dots, is to do things in 4 bar phrases….

Info in the Tune

Direct from the words of one Mr Crawford 🙂

‘Princess Polly is one of three jigs I recorded on “Carrying the Tune” that we’re written for three very special girls. “Della the diamond” for my mother in law, Princess Polly for my sister in law and “The Girl for me” for my wife Tracy.’

Now for ya 🙂

2nd Part

The tune is played differently in the 2nd part, 1st time like so:

|:a| age ged | cAA A2a | age gec | (3BcdB G2a | |
age ged | ede gab | age ged | cAA A2:|

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