Swerving For Bunnies slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Swerving For Bunnies
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GB/c/d g2g fdB|GAB GAB AGE|GB/c/d g2g fdB|GAB GAB A2G|
GB/c/d g2g fdB|GAB GAB AGE|GB/c/d g2g fdB|GAB GAB A3:|
ee/e/e efg a2b|age deg BAG|ee/e/e efg a2b|bc'b agf edB|
ee/e/e efg a2d|dd'd c'db age|dgc gBg ABc|
dgc gBg ABc|dgc gBg ABc|dgc gBg ABA||

Fourteen comments

Love this tune

Great tune from a great band, The Outside Track.

ABC notation problems~ GB/c/d - rather than - GB/C/D ?

Pitch - fiddle from the low G up ~

G, A, B, C D E F G A B c d e f g a b c’ d’ ~

Parts ~ more usually 4 bars in length, repeating ~ or ~ the A-part, using your questionable notation but adding a lead-in:

K: Gmaj
|: G |\
GB/C/D g2 g fdB | GAB GAB AGE |
GB/C/D g2 g fdB | GAB GAB A2 :|

Is the B-part really 10 bars in length? I’ll have to see if I can find a listen…

U-Tube set linked to above ~ πŸ˜›

1 / 2 / 3: "Swerving for Bunnies" 1:45

Yes, with whistle ~ GB/c/d & total count for the A-part is 8 bars (4 + 4) and 10 bars for the B-part…

C: Ailie Robertson / limericklassie ???

Please credit the source and acknowledge responsibility… I f suspect this is your second self-composed contribution, so, please, out of respect, also read the FAQs with that in mind. Another option well received, and by just a few example, using ones own ‘details’ here for unlimited submission of ones inspirations ~


Keyboard malfunction correction ~ " I suspect ~ , if so, ~" 😏

Or, another way around ‘respect’, one can always have a friend submit your composition and add some welcomed and always appreciated comment…

Hi all

This slip-jig was written for The Outside Track after I managed to nearly kill them all en route to a gig, by swerving very violently to avoid some rabbits in the road. We ended up nose-first in a ditch and had to get hauled out by a tractor!

The 2nd half really is 10-bars long - a bit bizarre, but hopefully the recording on the video will help it make sense.

Also, sorry for the ABC mistakes - I’ve corrected them now, so hopefully it will adjust the sheet music in the next day or so.

Unfortunately, once the dots are set that’s it… 😏 One of the quirks here…

ah - good to know - I’m still learning how to do ABC so will make sure I triple check it now before pressing submit!!! Thanks for the tip!

If you are ever unsure you can always ask folks here before submitting ABCs… That way you don’t get the comments filled up with last minute attempts to help. πŸ˜€ Using ones ‘details’ on site for collecting ones own comps and tales of inspiration works nicely too. Quite a few people do that, while others do penance… .

It was good to read the story behind yours, valued comment, thanks…

ABC notation has evolved to become computer code, and in the transition there have been some changes, some simplifications too. I first learned it old school but have since learned and practice those changes, the new standards. There are some good online resources to help folks with that, like Steve Mansfield’s:.