One recording of
The Cabin Hunter
The Cuil Aodha

The Cabin Hunter (reel) is also known as The Road To Cashel, Sean Kelly’s Apple.

The Cuil Aodha (jig) is also known as Amhran An Tae, Chuil Aodha, The Coolea, Cuil Aodh, Cul Aodh, The Cul Aodh, Poirt Cúl Aodha, Port Chuil Aodha, Port Cuil Aodh, Port Cuil Aodha, The Song Of The Tea.

Out And About by Cherish The Ladies

  1. The Wandering Minstrel
  2. Fred Rice’s Polkas
  3. The Cabin Hunter
  4. Out And About