The Noose In The Ghillies reel

By Perry Gauthier

Also known as The Noose And The Ghillie, Noose And The Ghillies, The Noose And The Ghillies, The Noose And The Gillies.

There are 6 recordings of this tune.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Noose In The Ghillies
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:Bffd gefd|Bffd edcA|Bffd gefd|eaaf edcA:|
|:fBBc cdBc|fBBc edcA|fBBc cdBc|eaaf edcA:|
Bffd gefd|B2 d c2 BAc|Bffd gefd|e2 d c2 BAc|
Bffd gefd|Bdc d2 cBA|Bffd gefd|ec c/c/c dcBA|
fBBc cdBc|B2 d c2 BAc|fBBc cdBc|ead c2 BAc|
fBBc cdBc|Bdc d2 cBA|fBBc cdBc|eaaf edcA||

Five comments

The Noose and the Gillies

Written by Canadian Perry Gauthier. I think that’s the correct spelling! Transcribed from memory from various recordings of the tune. I’m not sure of the original key, but I know it best in B minor.
In the Wolfstone version, they do the standard tune, then second time round introduce some great variations - these I’ll put up in the near future. Ossian play B2 fd gefd for bars 1 and 3 of the first part.

The Noose IN the Ghillies

I played with Perry in the “Toronto & District Caledonia” pipe band in the early nineties. The name of this tune was inspired by the small hangman’s noose he had tied at the end of one of his Ghillie Brogue laces.

Also, the tune is a four-parter. Will try to post if I find the time. Great tune.

Thanks for the info! Clearly some Chinese whispers going on - I’ll change the title. I do know a version of the tune as a four parter but I reckoned the last two were just some variations put in for the sake of being interesting. I’ll post them, see what you think.

I’ve looked for a few years for the music to this tune. The funny thing is I eventually got the music from Perry himself this past fall when he gave me a copy of his book “Leibher Dubh”. He’s been drag back from the pipers grave to play with the Frost PipeBand from North and South Ontario. Cool stuff though..

Final parts

Three years later, that’s the other parts added!