The Recession jig

By Sylvain Barou

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Recession
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bdor
~B3 ABF|~B3 ABF|~B3 dBe|edc BAF|
a2 f abg-|g2 e gaf-|f2 B ^dee|^dBA ~B3|
[1 a2 f abg-|g2 e gaf-|f2 B ^dee|^dBA ~B3:|
[2 a2 f abg-|g2 e ga=g-|g2 e =gag|fed ced||
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The Recession Jig

I got this rocking tune from The Guidewires album ‘Live’. It was written by their flute player Sylvain Barou.

I put it as B dorian because of the frequent use of G#s in the B section. I like the smart change of key there.

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Stunning tune!


Anyone got any opinions on what the chords should be? Can’t quite work it out what with the B dorian feel..

Well in the video the guitarist is playing with a capo on 2 so he’s effectively playing in A (dorian).
In the A part they stick to a fairly simple harmony. In the B part, with the same 4 bar phrase played three times they slap in a whole load of jazzy substitutions, which sound ok in a band setting but if it was just say fiddle and guitar or zouk you might want something simpler.

Anyway, you could play something like:

Ok, maybe it doesn’t look that simple but on guitar I would play none of those as bar chords.
So, with top two strings open throughout, muted or played as desired:
B5 = x24400
A5 = x02200
E5 = 079900
F#m7 = 2x2200
Amaj7 = 5x6600
G#m7 = 4x4400
C#m7 = x46600 or 9x9900
Am7 = 5x5500
Gmaj7 = 3x4400
That’s all of three shapes.

Oh, and the G5 = 3x0000.