Bill Of Rights polka

Also known as Poke-A-Billy, Polka-Billy.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bill Of Rights
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: A/G/ |FA/F/ DF/A/ | de f2 | ec AB/c/ | d/c/d/B/ A/B/A/G/ |
FA/F/ DF/A/ | de f>A | e/f/e/c/ AB/c/ | df d :|
|: A |f/e/d f/e/d | cd e2 | ge c/B/A | d/c/d/A/ f/e/d/A/ |
f/e/d f/e/d/A/ | cd e>A | g/f/e/A/ c/B/A/c/ | df d :|

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"Bill of Rights"

The ‘Bill’ in question, is in part one Bill Martin, a lovely character, musician, dancer, caller, teacher, roustabout, who is having to deal with one particular irritant generating problem in life, a threat to it, terminal cancer, and the chemo too, which has had to come to an end. As is too often the case with treatment, it too can kill you off. With cancer sometimes it’s that balance, between two threats to ones life, the cancer and the treatment. And there can come a time where the one becomes the more immediate threat and needs to stop, in this case a very strong form of chemo that requires the administering nurse to wear a HazMed outfit.

Anyway, with that change, and a case of kidneys packing it in and need for dialysis, all those that love him, which are many, and include us, have had our worries rise. Fortunately Bill’s kidneys are working again and he’s back home, but one of the things caring people can sometimes do, possibly more for themselves than for the cared for, is interfere, to want to do things. Sometimes that isn’t the answer. Sometimes one wants the right to continue to do as much as one can still possibly accomplish.

I can understand. What little life we have we would still want to live. It’s great to be loved, for folks to care, but not smother, not to take away those little tasks that, however difficult and potentially painful, are proof we’re still steaming along. I’d appreciate that understanding too. Folks mean well, but let the person under sentence choose their own ways, do what they can and enjoy what’s left of ‘life’.

I am in agreement, when near my end, even if it means it hurts, I’d still like to play music for myself, whatever the limitations, even if slowly and interrupted with groans and moans. And that includes other things too, even if I have to crawl or stumble to the kitchen to prepare something for a meal. I hope folks will be patient enough to allow me that.

When another friend was near his end, and his memory going, and his ability to move greatly hampered, he’d still come to dance and play music with us. We always made sure he had a patient and understanding partner, and we danced around him at times. He didn’t like to just sit and watch. Up to his last few days he’d danced, played music, and he’d worked in his garden… I hope I’m given those same rights in my last days…

So, thinking about Bill and friends past I’m constantly finding unfamiliar tunes coming on me, mixed with others, and this morning, thinking of Bill, this suddenly squeezed out. 😉

May our patience and understanding always grow, including for ourselves…

"Poke-A-Billy" / "Polka-Billy"

Alternate title for something William made me aware of - Polkabilly music ~ for good or bad ~ 😉

"Polkabilly: How the Goose Island Ramblers Redefined American Folk Music"
by James P. Leary, Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 9780195141061
ISBN10: 0195141067
Winner of the 2007 Chicago Folklore Prize

Somehow one of our members here comes to mind, ‘nicholas’, who in a sense one might think of as living in the wilds of the ‘mid-west’, a mid-west state of mind, if we include the whole of the island, somewhere up there where folk chew snuff… 😀

Are ye comin’ to Lancaster nicholas?

Sick-Sack (Zig-Zag Schottishe) Shottis från Hede

I know, I know, there’s an obvious pun in this, but I also found myself dancing this Swedish Schottische to this as well, taking it a little slower, along the lines of Clare tempos for a polka, or for those that might be familiar with this lovely couple dance, tempos in that range…

"Bubba’s Polka"

Another alt, but as there is a "Bubba’s Reel" I’ve avoided adding ‘Bubba’s’ to the list. For more on ‘activity’ ~

nicholas, if you find your way here, it was last weekend in Lancaster. I seem to have misplaced a week somewhere, probably in the worry. I missed it. I had planned to make it up to David Lyth’s weekend of music, and to see Silver and others, and ~ for some damned reason I was thinking it was this coming weekend, and missed last weekend all together. 😏 C’est la vie! Let’s hope I make it next time, making sure others will remind me as it approaches… I should have added it to the ‘events’ list here…

Chewing snuff and snuffing chaw - best of health to you and yours and your music too!

Bill & Nancy Martin ~ family ~ and a few tunes that came to mind for them…

polka: Bill of Rights / Poke-A-Billy / Polka-Billy

jig: "The (Bubba Martin’s) Ceilidh / Ceili House Jig"

hornpipe (straight or swung): Billy on the High Ground

jig: The Martin House

waltz: A Chara / Bubba Martin’s Waltz

polka: A Dram at the Wake and then We Dance

hornpipe: Bubba Martin’s Old Time Kick About

jig: Wakin’ Nancy (& dance)

slangpols: Dancin’ Nancy

I might make it to Lancaster this time, up for David Lyth’s weekend of music, maybe, but just to listen. One of our favourite people to share music with has put away all his instruments for good now… Yes, I’m in a mood, but my ears will still be working and able to appreciate the music of others, while I’ll be drinking a toast to old acquaintances…