Schottische From Havero barndance

Also known as Schottis Från Härjedalen, Schottis Från Haverö, Sick-Sack Schottis, The Zig-Zag Schottishe.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Schottische From Havero
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|: FE |D2 DE FGFE | D2 A2 A3 A | d^cde f2 f2 | efe^c AGFE |
D2 DE FGFE | D2 A2 A3 A | d^cde f2 f2 |[1 e2 ^c2 d2 :|[2 e2 e^c defg ||
|: a2 a^g a3 =g | fgfe f3 d | e2 e^c Acec | d^cde fefg |
aba^g a2 a=g | fgfe f2 fd | efe^c Acec |[1 d2 d^c d3 f :|[2 d2 d2 d2 |]
X: 2
T: Schottische From Havero
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|: F2 |E2- EF GAGF | E2 B2 B2- BB | e^def g2 g2 | fgf^d BAGF |
E2 EF GAGF | E2 B2 B2 B2 | e^def g2- gg | f2 ^d2 e2 :|
|: f/g/a |b2- b^a b2 b=a | gagf g2- ge | f2 f^d Bd f/e/d | e2 ef g2 ga |
bc'b^a b2- b=a | g2 a/g/f g2 g/f/e | fgf^d Bdfd | e2 e^d e2 :|
X: 3
T: Schottische From Havero
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
z2 | D2DE FGFE | D2 A2 A4 | d^cde f2f2 | efe^c A2A2 |
D2 DE FGFE | D2 A2 A4 | d^cde f2f2 | e2 ^c2 d2 :|
|: a^g | a2 a^g a2 a2 | fgfe f2f2 | efe^c A2A2 | FGFE FED2 |
a2a^g a2 a2 | fgfe f2 f2 | e2e^c Acec | d2d^c d2 :||

Ten comments

"Schottis Från Haverö" / dance: "Sick-Sack (Zig-Zag Schottishe) Schottis"

This is the tune we used to play for "The Zig-Zag Schottische", both from Sweden but also found outside that country as well, including within walking of us, when we had a certain dance to live music happening in a nearby church hall. The transcription given here is from even further back than that.

There is a tendency for most transcriptions and ways with this tune to take bars 3 & 4 of the B-part low, but playing a descant accompaniment above the main melody, often a third, isn’t rare either ~

~ | efe^c A2 A2 | FGFE D2 D2 | ~

Shouldn’t that be ‘decent’; haven’t decanted too many tankards, have we?

‘Descant’ is sometimes used to signify a high voice, above he melody line, as also for that member of the recorder family.

You had me worried, I though it was another ‘descent’ into the maelstrom. But, tankards, that sounds good. I think I’m going to pour us out one each of a perry… 😉 That and lost sleep should make for an interesting evening…

Different ditty there, mind

That’s the dance, or one take on it. Any schottish will do. It isn’t tune specific, though we tended to favour this particular one and oftend associated the name of the dance with the melody…

Thanks for the link and additional comment Weejie, appreciated.

I’d more too but have ‘miles to go before I rest’ ~ have certain distractions to attend to. I’ll be back.

descant \’des-,kant\ n [ME dyscant, fr. ONF & ML; ONF descant, fr. ML discantus, fr. L dis- + cantus song — more at CHANT] (14c) 1a: a melody or counterpoint sung above the plainsong of the tenor b: the art of composing or improvising contrapuntal part music; also: the music so composed or improvised c: SOPRANO, TREBLE d: a superimposed counterpoint to a simple melody sung typically by some or all of the sopranos 2: discourse or comment on a theme

Apologies, I guess I was the one who decanted too many tankards. Too much to ask that you save me by opting for the double entendre and the second definition?

😀 And why not, eh…

With a Welsh accent then, eh? 😉