The King Of Meenasillagh reel

Also known as Rí Mhín Na Saileach.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The King Of Meenasillagh
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dBAg|fddc dfaf|eAA/B/A cdeg|fddc dfaf|eABc dcde|
fddc dfaf|eAA/B/A cdeg|fdfa gfed|cABc||

Five comments

“Rí Mhín Na Saileach” / “The King of Meenasillagh” ~ penance

This is from the playing of James Byrne, giving the lead-in as he has taken it, but on the following YouTube he starts with the first bar ~ |: FGEF D2 EF | ~

James Byrne 1988 - Two Reel from Donegal -
first tune of the set: “Rí Mín na Sailleach” (“The King of Meenasillagh”) / “The Curly Haired Boy”

THIS is “The King of Meenasillagh” (“Rí Mhín Na Saileach”)


Seeing as there is some confusion as to what tune is really “The King of Meenasillagh”, here is a rough-and-ready ABC of it. I originally learned it from “The Brass Fiddle”. Of course, the flute can’t recreate all the great droning effects. That video of James Byrne from 1988 is marvellous stuff.

X: 2
T: King of Meenasillagh, The
T: Rí Mhín Na Saileach
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Dmaj
G |:\
FGEF D2 EF | GEFD EDEG | FGEF D2 Dg | fdec dBAG |
FGEF D2 EF | GEFD EDEG | FGEF ~D3 g |fdec dBAg ||
fddc dfaf | eAAE Aceg | fddc dfaf | eABc dcdg |
fddc dfaf | eAAE Aceg | fdfa gfed | cABc d2 d |]

# Posted on August 28th 2010 by LongNote

Not this ~ G |:\ - but this = G |\ = single reel

Sorry, I forgot to correct a mistake in that transcript ~ the repeat. However, LongNote did have repeats shown for both parts, though this is a single reel, 16 bars, as I know it and have heard it…