Jakob’s Frolics jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jakob's Frolics
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B3 dBG|E2c cAG|F2d dcA|B2g bgd|
B3 dBG|E2c cBA|d^cd efa|baf g3:|
|:g3b2d|cAF D3|dcA dcA|B3 ABd|
g3 bgd|cAF D2d|dcA fga|agf g3:|

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Jakob’s Frolics

In a flash of inspiration after watching Wolfgang Rihm’s utterly bleak opera Jakob Lenz in London at the weekend, this happy little jig came to me (as an antidote!)- could have given old Jakob a few moments respite from his descent into blackness. Hoping to upload to soundcloud when it finally lets me do it - does it sound like something else?

you need to sort the ABC there are some dubious leaps involving the note of C

maybe this was what you meant to put:

|:B3 dBG|E2c cAG|F2d dcA|B2g bgd|B3 dBG|E2c cBA| d^cd efa|baf g3:|
|:g3b2d|cAF D3|dcA dcA|B3 ABd|g3 bgd|cAF D2d|dcA fga| agf g3:|

Also, try to now submit 5 traditional tunes, this site is not intended to be a place to deposit solely self penned tunes

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Jakob’s Frolics

Thanks D.J.F - now corrected - just getting used to this ABC notation. Will submit the trad tunes as requested over the next month!

Where’s me clogs?

πŸ˜€ Nice one D.J.F. Sinead, it’s in our FAQs here, law as laid down by our webmaster Jeremy… Don’t forget another convention, laying it out in 4 bar lines/phrases, like so ~ but this time with me enjoying your little ditty for a spell ~

: 2
T: Jakob’s Frolics
C: Sinead Hayes
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Gmaj
|: c |\
B^AB dBG | E2 c cGE | F2 d d^c=c | B2 g bgd |
B2 G dB/A/G | EcE cGE | Fd^c ef/g/a | bfa g2 :|
|: f |\
gdg bgd |cAF D3 | dcA dca | bgd AB/c/d |
g2 a bgd | cAF D2 d | dcA e/f/ga | bfa g2 :|

" ~ but this time with me enjoying your little ditty for a spell ~ " and it taking me down a few minor side streets and alleyways… πŸ˜‰

AAAA! The bit went missing again ~ "me ‘having’ enjoyed your little ditty for a spell" 😏 πŸ˜‰