The Veleta waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Veleta
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj

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Filling Another Gap …

I spotted this (hitherto unposted) tune listed in one of the recordings submitted by session member ceolachan.

This is the set tune for an "old-time" dance of the same name.

Years ago, there used to be lots of old-time dance clubs in my area. Many of the old-time dance club members used to come to ceilidhs as well, and when they did, they usually requested this dance - thus prompting us to learn the proper tune for it.

However, it’s been many years since we’ve played it. I guess that many of those folks who always asked for it have died, or have else become too old to go out dancing …

.. very much a tune and dance of yesteryear.

Crazy, I kind of assumed it was already here, but then I forgot to go back to that recording to chase up more transcriptions. I was in a workshop not that long ago, well, from my perspective, where we enjoyed this old dance, though for some, the ‘lift’ did cause some problems, especially where the partner being lifted didn’t know they had to help, or were particularly ‘robust’ (heavy). I remember one such struggle, two friends, on, the gent, not much bigger than 5 feet, and the woman a few inches higher but with a girth considerably greater than his skinny friend. There were some uncomfortable grunts when he tried to launch her into the air. I hope he didn’t pull anything.

That same woman loved swinging. I did say ‘friend’, and a respected one, but this time she was my partner and her insistent exuberance ripped up my right shoulder blade. OUCH! 🙁 I keep telling gents to compromise, to relax when they’ve a partner who needs to take things more subtly, and now I tell that to everyone. Don’t force your partner to do what you want to do, give in and be social, not domineering and manic… 😉

Now what is that formula, mass & circumference and speed? 😏 Worse that in the standard ballroom/waltz hold so much is dependent upon the gent’s right arm and shoulder… 🙁

Re: The Veleta

Hello Ceolachan

I am intrigued by a part of your message: "for some, the ‘lift’ did cause some problems, especially where the partner being lifted didn’t know they had to help, or were particularly ‘robust’". Did the dance involve actual lifting, or is this a general reference to waltzing and exchange of weight? I’ve recently been looking up different version of the Veleta dance, including a version collected by Joan and Tom Flett form the Cowper sisters of Acomb, York (England). I have yet to come across a version with lifting and I am very curious. The Flett manuscripts can be accessed here:

Warmest wishes

Re: The Veleta

No, I don’t remember anyone ever physically lifting anyone either in this dance: used to do it a lot in between Scottish set dances in my younger days.
Several examples on YouTube, but like this one for the dress code! (And the pompous musical style maybe!)