La Ronfleuse Gobeil reel

Also known as The Snoring Miss Gobeil.

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One setting

X: 1
T: La Ronfleuse Gobeil
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
a2fd Adfa|gece fddf|a2fd Adfa|gece d4:|
A2f2 {g}fef2|B2g2 {a}gfg2|A2c2 efec|dcde (3fga fd|
A2f2 {g}fef2|B2g2 {a}gfg2|A3c efec|d2 [d2e2] [d4f4]|
|:faab afde|fdad bdfd|efga bgef|gebe geeg|
fgaf bfaf|defd efde|fBBA BcdB|AFEF D4:|

Six comments

A three-part French Canadian reel from the New England Fiddler’s Repertoire. Part C is identical to the B part of "The Maid Behind the Bar" - this is referred to in the comments on that tune.
The title means "The snoring Ms Gobeil". Note the "snore" in the last bar of part B.

The more I think about this tune the more I am convinced that it is a mixture of three different tunes. That itself is not all that unusual. Any comments?


I once met a Canadian wooden flute player who played it as a two part tune. He was of the opinion that the third part got tacked on the end by mistake - perhaps some musician added it on thinking they had composed it.


This tune is on the first La Bottine Souriante Album Y a Ben du Changement.

Aly and Phil repeat the B part as well as the (odd!) C part.