La Grondeuse reel

Also known as Bennett’s Favourite, The Great Eastern, John Brennan’s, The Silver Spire.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: La Grondeuse
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2FE D2FA|dcde fdAF|G2BG F2AF|ECA,C D4:|
|:A,B,CD EFGF|EDEF GABc|dcdB ABcd|fagf e2A2|
d2fd c2ec|BcdB AFDF|G2BG F2AF|ECA,C D4:|
X: 2
T: La Grondeuse
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G2BA G2Bd|gfga bgdB|c2ec B2dB|ABcA GFED|
G2BA G2Bd|gfga bgdB|c2ec B2dB|AFDF G4:|
|:DEFG ABcB|AGAB cdef|gfge defg|bgab a2 fd|
g2bg f2af|efge dBGB|c2ec B2dB|AFDF G4:|
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Sixteen comments

A French-Canadian tune from the New England Fiddler’s Repertoire. I believe “La Grondeuse” means “The scolding (or nagging) woman”. The tune, to me, is reminiscent of “Whiskey before Breakfast”, also on this database.


Silver Spire

You are dead on right Jeremy. A decent reel at that. That would bring it back to an Irish origin.

What’s wrong with trad tunes?

Does anybody else here feel like the tunes are getting too far off the mark? Sure, taking tunes from outside the tradition can be nice, but I haven’t seen a solid irish tune since “The Monks” was posted (that was ten tunes ago) At sessions I’ve been to usually there’s one oddball tune for every 10 traditional ones played, not vice versa.

I appreciate your feelings on this but I feel that many tunes from the North American continent may very well have Irish or other Celtic origins, but are no longer extant in Ireland or the British Isles. They may very well be older versions that have thus become preserved, much as a lot of modern American English usage and spellings reflects the British English of a couple of centuries ago. It’s probably impossible in most cases to determine the precise origin of a tune. And what is “tradition” itself? This topic was discussed a little while ago in a large discussion thread, but I don’t think a clear conclusion can be drawn except that “tradition” isn’t a static bit of history like Gregorian Chant, but is continually evolving and being generated.
However, I think we can draw the line well short of Albanian folksong in 5/8 and locrian!


Trevor, I really like your postings, you are very intellegent & keep a good keel on things. I just think maybe you should post tunes from other sources. Variety is the spice of a session.

This is why I started a discussion thread asking people if they would be interested if I posted a few Northumbrian tunes. If people aren’t happy about my postings for some reason then I’d just stop posting - it wouldn’t matter to me - I know my own tunes already. My point is, *by posting these tunes we’re not stopping others from posting Irish stuff*. But there are a lot of nice tunes that it’s difficult to get access to at your average session. You can take or leave them basically. If you like one of the tunes, play it, and if you don’t like it, ignore it. I’m quite interested to hear how other people feel about this. If anything other than Irish session tunes are becoming unwelcome in that they are “off the mark”, then I’m quite happy to keep them to myself.

I’ve just read that through and it sounds really stroppy but it wasn’t meant in that tone at all - the limitations of the printed word…

Dow, you’re right on the money - I didn’t take any offense to what you wrote in the slightest. I hope no-one thought me to be too “stroppy” in my plea for more chestnuts. Trevor remember that I hold respect for you too, I hope you aren’t put out by anything I said. As Dow said “the limitations of the word”

La Grondeuse

Recorded by La Bottine Souriante on their album ‘Cordial’.

R Warford

A little error, i think…

The tune played here by john carty is not “the silver spire” but “the silver spear” which is very different.


Big error. This not La Grondeuse at all, especially not the La Grondeuse as played by Nightingale, from which it was linked on the Recordings page. I think that it’s The Silver Spire.


Haha hillariously … This is not the La Grondeuse I’m familiar with either! And the one I know is also not the same as the Nightingale one 😛
The one I know is on the Wild Asparagus’ Tone Roads album with La Belle Catherine + Alfred Montmarquette’s

Re: La Grondeuse

Tradition? What was being done 15 years ago.
Sylvia Miskoe, NH USA