The Loom slip jig

Also known as Tommy Potts’, Tommy Potts’ Hop, Tommy Potts’ Slip.

There are 8 recordings of this tune.

The Loom has been added to 27 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Loom
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:E2B e2c d3 | B,2F B2F G2F |E2B e2c d2f |g2f e2d BAF :|
|: G2B d2c d2B | G2B d2g ecA |G2B d2c d2f | g2f e2d BAF :|

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Tommy Potts’ Slip Jig

This is from the recent Altan recording "Gleann Nimhe - The Poison Glen". I love its simplicity.

"Tommy Potts’ Slip Jig" ~ slightly different

X: 2
T: Tommy Potts’ Slip Jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
R: slip jig
K: EDor
|: E2 B e2 c d2 A | B2 F =c2 B AFD | E2 B e2 c d2 f | g2 f e2 d BAF :|
|: G2 B d2 c d2 F | G2 B d2 B AFD | G2 B d2 c d2 f | g2 f e2 d BAF :|

~ and minus that low B, ~ for D-limited instruments…

Re: Tommy Potts’

Tommy Potts’ own recording of this tune, as heard on his "Traditional Fiddle Music From Dublin" album, doesn’t seem to be a slip jig at all, even though it is titled as one. Potts doesn’t play it in 9/8, he plays it in a rolling, non-syncopated 6/8 (i.e. playing each one of the 6 notes with equal length, not dotting any of them).

Re: Tommy Potts’

The second of the two recordings cited for this tune is incorrect - there is a tune called ‘Tommy Pott’s Reel’ on the ‘It Was Mighty!’ compilation, performed by Joe Ryan, but that’s a different tune.

Re: The Loom

Recorded on the namesake album "The Loom" by fiddler and student of Pott’s, Liam O’Connor of Dublin.

Re: The Loom

Not student, sorry, simply admirer.

Tommie Potts The Loom

I got this unusual and beguiling tune from an old RTE recording. I thought I learned it as a three part tune originally but as Tommie Potts (his own spelling) plays a two part version on the later released Tommie Potts "Traditional Fiddle Music From Dublin" CD. (track 23) - It states that the tune is untitled by Potts. I’m not sure where the name The Loom came from.

I’m beginning to doubt my memory as I have a three part version and Tommie only plays a two part version on the CD. It is possible that the first recording I heard of Potts had three parts or I may have got my version from; "The Loom" by fiddler Liam O’Connor of Dublin.

I don’t agree with the statement above that it is not in 9/8, it is but it is played as a Hop Jig and not a Slip Jig, a subtle but important difference. I’ll post the three part version when I get time.

Bb Flute version;

Re: The Loom

Is this also the tune on the Sean Leahy and Jeremy Spencer CD, Entanglement, track 5, first tune of three entitled “unnamed slip jig?”