Angus And Eilidh MacKenzie’s reel

By Fin Moore, Gabe McVarish

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One setting

X: 1
T: Angus And Eilidh MacKenzie's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A2 eA Bede|gede BedB|G2 de B2 AB|dBed B2 GB|
A2 eA Bede|gede BedA|B2 GB Aede|1 ge ~e2 BA ~A2:|2 ge ~e2 BAAd||
eB ~B2 eBde|ge ~e2 Bedg|B2 AB ~G3 A|B2 AB GABd|
eB ~B2 eBde|ge ~e2 Bedg|B2 GB Aede|ge ~e2 BABd|
eB ~B2 eBde|ge ~e2 Bedg|B2 AB ~G3 A|B2 AB GABG|
A2 eA Bede|gede BedA|B2 GB Aede|ge ~e2 BAA2||
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Five comments

Stonking Tune

Transcribed this forceful reel from Daimh’s album Crossing Point where it appears on the first track. I learnt it for a mate’s bagpipe recital.

Really like the subtle change in key for the B part whilst still remaining on the somewhat limited scale of the notes GABDEGA. This tune would really get a session going.

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Angus And Eilidh MacKenzie’s

Possibly composed by piper James MacKenzie?

Yeah I am not sure who the composer is so it could be him. Any info on who the composer is would be appreciated!

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Possibly composed by: Fin Moore & Gabe McVarnish ;~)