One recording of
The Old Man With Three Thumbs
Miss Gordon Of Fochabers

The Old Man With Three Thumbs (reel) is also known as Bodach Na Tri Ordagan, Bodach Nan Tri Ordagan, Loch Glassie.

Miss Gordon Of Fochabers (strathspey) is also known as Angus Allen And Dan J’s, Miss Gordon, Miss Gordon Fochaber, Miss Gordon’s, Miss Gordon’s - Fochabers, Miss Gordon’s Of Fochabar, Miss Gordon’s Strathspey Of Fochabers, Miss Gordon’s Strathspey- Fochabers.

Full Circle by Bill Lamey

  1. Down The Burn, Davie Lad
  2. Miss Gordon’s - Fochabers
  3. The Fir Tree
  4. Sir Archibald Dunbar
  5. Kiss The Lass Ye Like Best
  6. Uist Lasses Darling
  7. Loch Glassie
  8. Sir David Davidson Of Cantray