Two recordings of
Shandon Bells
The Humours Of Glendart

Shandon Bells (jig) is also known as The Cat In The Corner No.2, Killieburn Brae, Punch For The Ladies, The Shandon Bells, Shandon’s Bells, The Shandon’s Bells, The Shandons Bells, Shannon Bells.

The Humours Of Glendart (jig) is also known as The Cashel, Curraig Diamuid Do’n Capall Beg, Darby Gallagher, Darby Gallagher’s, East At Glendart, East Of Glendart, East To Glendart, Finley’s, The Housemaid, The Humours O’ Glendart, The Humours Of Glen, The Humours Of Glendarth, The Humours Of Glentart, Shins Around The Fire, Shins Around The Fireside, Súgradh Ghleann Dairte, Tim The Piper, The Humors Of Glendart.

Luckpenny by Tom McElvogue and Karen Tweed

  1. Doctor O’Neill’s
  2. Humours Of Glendart
  3. Shandon Bells

Rolling Home by The Foundry Bar Band

  1. The Weaver And His Wife
  2. The Humours Of Glendart
  3. Sweet Biddy Daly
  4. Shandon Bells