Road To The River hornpipe

Also known as Logier’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Road To The River
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
CD|EA, ~A,2 EA,FA,|EA, ~A,2 A,3c|dcBA GABc|BB, ~B,2 B,2 CD|
EA, ~A,2 EA,FA,|EA, ~A,2 A,3c|dcBA GABc|AA, ~A,2 A,2:|
AB|c2 ec cBdB|BAcA AGFE|EBBc dcBA|GABc B2 AB|
c2 ec cBdB|BAcA AGFE|EBBc dBAG|AA, ~A,2 A,2 AB|
c2 ec cBdB|BAcA AGFE|EBBc dcBA|GABc B2 AB|
c2 ac B2 gB|A2 fa AGFE|EBBc dBAG|A2 (3AAA A2||
fg|aA, ~A,2 A,B,CD|EDCB, A,3g|agfe dcBA|GABc B3g|
agfe dcBA|dcde fgaf|ecBA GABd|1 c2 (3AAA A2:|2 cA, ~A,2 A,2||

Two comments

Road to the River

A very nice hornpipe, from the McNamara Family album, Leitrim’s Hidden Treasure. On the album it is called Logier’s, although the tune posted here under that name seems to be a different tune.

I found a setting under the name “Road to the River” from Ceol Rince na hÉireann, IV. I modified the setting a bit to make it more like the McNamara version.


The Road to the River??

Fiddler3 - can you clarify again where you sourced the title “The Road to the River” from? I can’t find it the book you mentioned.