One recording of
Victoria Valse
Valse-Clog De Joseph Guilmette

Victoria Valse (waltz) is also known as The Exhibition, Kelso Hiring Fair, The Kelso Hiring Fair, Mrs. Kenny’s, The Speakin’, The Speaking, The Victoria Valse, The Victoria.

Valse-Clog De Joseph Guilmette (waltz) is also known as La Lancette, Ottawa Valley, The Ottawa Valley, Valse Clog, Valse Clog Guilmette, Valse-Clog Guilmette, Waltz Clog Guilmette, Waltz-Clog Guilmette.

Wednesday Night Live in Peppers by Mark Donnellan, John Canny, Michael Landers

  1. Valse Clog
  2. Mrs. Kenny’s