Carlisle Races jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Carlisle Races
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D|:G2 B d2 e|dBd g2 d|c2 e dBG|FAA A2 D|
G2 B d2 e|dBd g2 B|c2 e DEF|1 FGG G2 D:|2 FGG G2 d||
|:gab agf|efg dcB|cde dBG|FAA A2 d|
gab agf|efg dcB|c2 e DEF|1 FGG G2 d:|2 FGG G3||

Three comments

Carlisle Races

Variation from a local fiddler friend:

T:Carlisle Races
D |: G2 B d2 e | dBd g2 d | c2 e dBG | F A2 A2 D |
G2 B d2 e | dBd g2 B | cde DEF |1 GGG G2 D :|2 GGG G2 d ||
|: gab agf | efg d2 B | c2 e dBG | F/A/ A2 [A2 D2] d |
gab agf | efg d2 B | cde DEF |1 FGG G2 d :|2 FGG G3 ||

There have been at least three different racecourses at Carlisle. The earliest was north of the city at Kingmoor and although it has now regenerated to oak woodland, parts of the layout are still visible in the pattern of banks.

The Kingmoor site was superseded by The Swifts next to what is now The Sands leisure centre. A grandstand still survives converted into a pub.

The present Carlisle Racecourse on the edge of Carlisle at Durdar.

I see it’s listed on the album “A Trip To The Lakes: Traditional Cumbrian Tunes” - any ideas on its origins?

Re: Carlisle Races

The Carlisle Racers sing this song, Durdar, Durdar…