The Siena waltz

Also known as The Siena Waltz.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Siena
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
"1"FG | A2 D2 de | B3 A GF | EF GA Bc | A2 FE FG|
"5"A2 D2 de | B3 A GF | BA GE DC | D4 FG ||
"9"A2 D2 de | B3 A GF | EF GA Bc | A2 d2 e2 |
"13"B3 A GF | A3 F de | cA GE DC | D4 fe ||
"17"f2 d2 fg | ec A2 de | dA FD FG | G4 fe |
"21"f3 d ga | ec Ac de | fg a3 A | B4 AG |
"25"A2 E2 AG | A2 D2 AG | A2 DE FA | B2 BA GF |
"29" EF GA Bd | e2 AB GF | EF GA Bc | A2 ag fe |
"33"f4 ed | eA a4 | de dA FD | G4 fe |
"37"f3 d ga | ec (3ABc de | fg a3 A | Bz A3 G |
"41"A2 E2 AG | A2 D2 AG | A2 DE FA | B>c BA GF |
"45"EF GA Bd | e2 AB GF | EF GA ED | E4 ||

Two comments

This version is the one heard, under "The Siena Waltz" title, on the Alan Kelly Gang/4tet’ Myspace page, and is probably from the pen of Alan Kelly. You can find another version of this under Alan Kelly’s own Myspace page.

I have numbered first bar of each line so as to be more comfortable, as the structure of this tune is a little unusual (48 bars) all the less for me.
I have adopted the key of DMaj according to the first 16 bars, though the tune resolves on E, suggesting Edor. I will correct it if you think I am wrong.

Siena, key

Nice flowing waltz!

I think your first hunch is right, the key is D major.

As a box player I can see no harmony that falls outside of what I would expect from D major - but I am restricted by the chords I have under my left hand; players of cittern, guitar, bouzouki, etc. might have other ideas.

If you were playing the tune through a second time the last bar has a dominant chord (A7), resolving to D major in first bar of the tune.

If the tune ends with the last bar, an open 5th of that E with the A below it allows the tune to resolve in a satisfactory manor.

As an alternative "playing geography", there could be a DC al Fine at the end, with the Fine being at the end of the first or second lines, both of which resolve to D major.

All the best

Peter Jenkins