The Winning Ticket jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Winning Ticket
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:GFE|D[B,E]D G2 A|BGB de=f|ecg dBG|AcB AGE|
D[B,E]D G2 A|BG/A/B de=f|ecg dBA|G3:|
|:GB/c/d|g2 a bag|afd d2 e|=f2 g agf|e/f/ge cBc|
df/e/d dBA|GB/c/d g2 f|e/f/ge dBA|G2 D:|

Three comments

"The Winning Ticket" ~ C: Paul Stewart Cranford

This does remind me of a couple of other jigs I’ve known, and no doubt someone will come along and tell us which ones. I apologize too that I can’t for the life of me remember what the story was behind this one, or if I ever did know it.

Paul has a slightly different transcription than the one I’m giving here. I also sometimes take the end of the B-part up instead of down, and sometimes with a first and second ending. For example, the last measure ~

~ | ecg fda | g3 g :|

I also sometimes just jump that B, to B, meaning, using Paul’s own shorter lead-in ~

|: E | DBD G2 A | ~

And another way with it ~

|: F/E/ | D2 B, G2 A | ~ | G3 G2 :| ~

Some other ways to join up the parts ~

~ | G3 GBd || g2 a bag | ~

~ | G3 G2 B/d/ || g2 a bag | ~

I also enjoy using that Scottish limp in the beat, for example ~

|: E | D>B,D G2 A | ~ | e>cg d>BA | G3- G2 :|

You’ll find Paul’s own transcription for this here:

"Jerry Holland’s Collection of Fiddle Tunes" ~ Vol. 1

"I also sometimes just jump that B, to B" ~ minus the comma on that second B ~ 😏

Re: The Winning Ticket

The second part is a bit too much like Paddy Fahey’s

for my liking, though I heard “The Winning Ticket” on RnaG recently and liked whoever-played-it’s version.

Anyone know whose album it’s on? I didn’t catch who it was as I was in traffic and couldn’t concentrate. A female banjo player, IIRC and a fiddle. Anybody any knowledge?