Two recordings of
The New Rigged Ship
Off She Goes

The New Rigged Ship (jig) is also known as Green Willis, Miss Finlay’s Delight, New Rigged Ships, The New-Rigged Ship, The Piper’s Fancy, The Raw Recruit.

Off She Goes (jig) is also known as Doggie Doggie, Doggy Doggy Bark At The Cat, Gigue Du Bonhomme, Humpty Dumpty, The Lancer’s Quadrille, The Lancer’s, The Launch, Off She Goes To Miramichi, Off She Goes!, Off We Go, Port Dálaiġ 7, Port Dálaigh 7, Single, Walter Bulwer’s Off She Goes.

Irish Music from Cleveland by Tom Byrne and Tom McCaffrey

  1. New Rigged Ship
  2. Off She Goes

King Of The Melodeon Men by Jimmy Shand

  1. The New Rigged Ship
  2. Off She Goes
  3. Kinloch Of Kinloch