My Nannie O barndance

Also known as The Joy Of London-Derry, The Joy Of Londonderry, London Derry, Nanny O’.

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One setting

X: 1
T: My Nannie O
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
G>A|B2 E2 BcBA|G2 FE/F/ E2 D>E|G3A B>ABd|e2 A>B A2 G>A|
B3d cBAG|A2 B2 g3f|e3d BABd|e2 E>F E2:|
Bc|d3e d2 cB|g2 d>e d2 gf|e3f g>fga|b2 e>f e2 dc|
B2 g2 dBAG|A2 B2 g3f|e>fed BABd|e2 E>F E2:|

Three comments

The Joy of London-Derry Town

This Broadside Ballad has many variations and although ‘Nannie O’ was the name of Burns poem, the tune must have been around longer than this.
This version was taken from James Oswald’s ‘The Caledonian Pocket Companion’ 5th Book 1745-1765

Renamed The Joy of London-Derry in commemoration of the arrival of Prince William’s army in 1689 to break the seige and chase off King James 0n 13th June.

Protestants rejoyce and sing,
be not in the least cast down,
Cheerful tidings here I bring,
of famous London-Derry Town

May the heavens still be prais’d,
wretched Roman’s han’t their will;
Tho’ false rumours they have rais’d
yet we have London-Derry Town.

The Burns Poem, below;

Behind yon hills where Lugar flows,
‘Mang moors an’ mosses many, O,
The wintry sun the day has clos’d,
And I’ll awa to Nanie, O.

The westlin wind blaws loud an’ shill;
The night’s baith mirk and rainy, O;
But I’ll get my plaid an’ out I’ll steal,
An’ owre the hill to Nanie, O.

My Nanie’s charming, sweet, an’ young;
Nae artfu’ wiles to win ye, O:
May ill befa’ the flattering tongue
That wad beguile my Nanie, O.

Her face is fair, her heart is true;
As spotless as she’s bonie, O:
The op’ning gowan, wat wi’ dew,
Nae purer is than Nanie, O.

A country lad is my degree,
An’ few there be that ken me, O;
But what care I how few they be,
I’m welcome aye to Nanie, O.

My riches a’s my penny-fee,
An’ I maun guide it cannie, O;
But warl’s gear ne’er troubles me,
My thoughts are a’ my Nanie, O.

Our auld guidman delights to view
His sheep an’ kye thrive bonie, O;
But I’m as blythe that hands his pleugh,
An’ has nae care but Nanie, O.

Come weel, come woe, I care na by;
I’ll tak what Heav’n will sen’ me, O:
Nae ither care in life have I,
But live, an’ love my Nanie, O.

Farewell to Nova Scotia

Surely the tune ‘Farewell to Nova Scotia ’ must be a variant of this tune?

Not 9/8, not a slip jig - but a lovely air just the same

You need to put this under a 4/4 heading, with several to choose from, maybe ‘barndance’, as there is no ‘song’ category. At least that is slower than ‘reel’, though ‘hornpipes’ and ‘strathspeys’ are also 4/4… But it’s shouldn’t be filed here under ‘slip jigs’, unless it were 9/8 or mixed meter, like say 21 16. Here’s a quick layout for this one, your notes ~

X: 1
T: My Nannie O
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: ~
K: Emin
|: G>A | B2 E2 Bc BA | G2 FE/F/ E2 D>E | G3 A B>A Bd | e2 A>B A2 G>A |
B3 d cB AG | A2 B2 g3 f | e3 d BA Bd | e2 E>F E2 :|
|: Bc | d3 e d2 cB | g2 d>e d2 gf | e3 f g>f ga | b2 e>f e2 dc |
B2 g2 dB AG | A2 B2 g3 f | e>f ed BA Bd | e2 E>F E2 :|