Eighteen recordings of The Rusty Gulley

Also known as Chalk’s Hornpipe, Geld Him Lasses, Geld Him Lasses Geld Him, Geld Him Lasses, Geld Him, Knives And Forks, Punchenella’s Hornpipe, Punchinello’s Hornpipe, Risty Gulley, Rusty Gully, The Rusty Gully, Three Rusty Knives, Three Rusty Swords, Three Sharp Knives.

This tune has been recorded together with The Dusty Miller (a few times), The Pheasant’s Dance (a few times), Bok-Espok, The Bonney Miller, Cucanandy, Dusty Miller, Lads And Lasses, The Lads Of Alnwick, Lunchtime Boredom, Our Cat Has Kitted, Pawky Adam Glen, The Presbyterian, The Shropshire Rounds, Superfly, The Three-Footed Chestnut.

  1. Ahoy Hoy by Boreas
  2. Alistair Anderson & Northlands by Alistair Anderson & Northlands
  3. Borders Pipes by Calum Galleitch, Gordon Mooney, Chris Ormston And Chris Waite
  4. Corby Crag by Alistair Anderson
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  6. English And Border Music For Pipes by David Faulkner And Steve Turner
  7. English Fiddle Tunes by Pete Cooper
  8. Floating Verses by Mary Humphreys and Anahata
  9. Folk Music of England by Various Artists
  10. Force 6 (Increasing Gale 9) by Windy Gyle Band
  11. Laura and the Lads by Laura MacKenzie
  12. Level Pegging by Jon & Alfie
  13. May You Never Lack a Scone by Jock Tamson’s Bairns
  14. October Song by The House Band
  15. Sealbh by Iain MacInnes
  16. The Ravishing Genius Of Bones by Brian Finnegan
  17. The Wind in the Reeds: The Northumbrian Smallpipes by Alistair Anderson, Jim Hall, Anthony Robb, Carole Robb, Colin Ross
  18. Through And Through by John Spiers And Jon Boden