Two recordings of
The Rusty Gulley
The Dusty Miller

The Rusty Gulley (three-two) is also known as Chalk’s Hornpipe, Geld Him Lasses, Geld Him Lasses Geld Him, Geld Him Lasses, Geld Him, Knives And Forks, Punchenella’s Hornpipe, Punchinello’s Hornpipe, Risty Gulley, Rusty Gully, The Rusty Gully, Three Rusty Knives, Three Rusty Swords, Three Sharp Knives.

The Dusty Miller (slip jig) is also known as Benny’s Jig, The Dusty Millar, Johnny Docherty’s, Top The Candle.

English Fiddle Tunes by Pete Cooper

  1. Lads And Lasses
  2. The Dusty Miller
  3. Rusty Gulley

October Song by The House Band

  1. Three Rusty Swords
  2. The Dusty Miller