The Chanter jig

By Dan R. MacDonald

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Chanter
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:a|gec cBc|dBG G2 a|gec cBc|fef a2 f|
gec cBc|dBG G2 c|AGF EcA|GE[Cc] [C2c2]:|
F|E[Cc]E GE[Cc]|FEF AGF|E[Cc]E GE[Cc]|[Dd][B,B][G,G] [G,2G2] F|
E[Cc]E GE[Cc]|FEF A2 F|EcA G[Ee][Dd]|[Ee][Cc][B,B] [C2c2] F|
E[Cc]E GE[Cc]|FEF AGF|E[Cc]E ceg|fdd d2 F|
EGc FAc|edc agf|g[c'a]e dcd|ecB c2||
X: 2
T: The Chanter
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:b|afd dcd|ecA A2 b|afd dB/c/d|gfg b2 g|
afd d2 d|ecA A2 d|BAG FdB|AFD D2:|
F2 F AF/E/D|G2 G BAG|FD/E/F dfa|ge/e/e e2 G|
FAd GB/c/d|fed b2 g|abf e^de|fdc d2||

Fifteen comments

The Chanter Jig

Where did you get the tune, ceolachan?

I also have scraps from then and recordings. I’ve given this transcription so that D limited instruments can still enjoy it, if with those jumps up to c instead of down to C. 😀 And, I was just about to add, it can also be found here as well, with only slight differences.

“The Heather Hill Collection: The Music of Dan R. MacDonald, Volume 1”
Page 28: “The Chanter”

& Paul also offers, recommended, the first collection with a fine recording and collection of Cape Breton fiddlers, and it’s free with the book while they last ~

“A Tribute to Dan R. MacDonald”

When I add a recording, I try to remember to fill in some of the blanks, in this case George Wilson’s CD, which I don’t have, but added because I’d added a transcription of one of his tunes, the waltz “Sweet Journeys”. He had alternate titles for a few tunes, which I managed to make connections to, and I’ve added this, and will probably add at least one more. Sometimes I forget, but I have returned to a few recording submissions and followed up this intention, when and if I can. In the case of this particular jig, I could. Here’s hoping it’s a reasonable transcription.

I’ve some memory of Brenda Stubbert playing this too, possibly even Paul himself, but I’m not sure if Brenda ever recorded it, or if it is in either of her two collections, though some of Dan R.’s tunes are.

I’ve just realized I’ve submitted four compositions in a row, each from a different composer. And yet some folks have judged and accused me of being anti compositions and a purist. But then some folks can’t see past their own nose. It’s a crazy world… 😎

We’ve also danced to this one… 😉

The Chanter Jig

Thanks for the Cape Breton Magazine links - I’ve spent a happy couple of hours looking through them.

We’ve a mention there too, but I won’ t say where. 😉

I love that magazine, and miss it… I’ve added it to the links awhile back, but try to link to articles when I’ve enough sense to remember to. I’d no doubt you’d appreciate that.

It’s not that long ago I discovered they had it available online…

X: 2 “The Chanter” ~ C: Dan R. MacDonald

A D-transcription for folks with wind ~ you can use the D-fingering on a C instrument. Other possibilities are also given in the transcription, including opportunities to catch a breath with purpose… 😎

The first couple of bars remind me of a tune on a certain album of Quebecois music. Perhaps it’s a ‘meme’ floating around in the E. Canadian breeze.

It also reminds me of ‘Oh Where, Oh Where has My Little Dog Gone?’ - which is not at all surprising, since nursery rhymes are what we all started with, and no bad thing, since it shows that Dan R. MacDonald has not lost touch with his inner child.