Rakes Of Invercairn reel

Also known as The Rakes Of Invercairn, The Rakes Of Invercarney.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Rakes Of Invercairn
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
ec|A2 (3cBA eAcA|Bcde f2 ed|cA (3AAA eAcA|EFAB BAec|
A2 (3cBA eAcA|Bcde f2 ed|cA (3AAA eAcA|EFAB BAag||
f2 ed cdec|Bcde fB B2|f2 ed cdec|EFAB BAag|
f2 ed cdec|Bcde fB B2|f2 ae f2 ec|EFAB BA||
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The Rakes of Invercairn

transcripted this tune from a recording by Gerry O’Connor, Journeyman

dont know anything else about this tune.
probably scottish origin

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What do the dollar signs mean?

Line breaks, I think (given the (3:2:3 form of the triplet.

T: Rakes Of Invercairn
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
ec | A2 (3cBA eAcA | Bcde f2 ed | cA (3AAA eAcA | EFAB BAec |
A2 (3cBA eAcA |Bcde f2 ed | cA (3AAA eAcA | EFAB BAag ||
f2 ed cdec | Bcde fB B2 | f2 ed cdec | EFAB BAag |
f2 ed cdec | Bcde fB B2 | f2 ae f2 ec | EFAB BA |]

^this is it tidied up a tad

“Line breaks, I think (given the (3:2:3 form of the triplet.”

Let me rephrase:

The dollar signs may well be line breaks in some version of an ABC editor, given their position after every 4 bars. The strange form of the triplet notation also leads me to believe that it is a result of a particular ABC editor.

There. Much better 🙂

I’m just glad someone else took this one. 😎

ups sry gotta fix that abc

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This tune is in the Fermanagh Gunn MS in the key of G and is in the book ‘Hidden Fermanagh’ as ‘The Rakes of Inverary’. I think ‘Invercairn’ is probably correct (it’s an old MS). It also appears in the Donnellan MS - which is where Gerry would have got it from. It sounds very Scottish, and judging by its inclusion in the above MSs, was popular in N Ireland in the C19th. Any info on the Scottish links to this tune would be appreciated.

Here’s the version of the tune that Josephine Keegan includes (as reel #129) in her tunebook A Drop in the Ocean:

T:Rakes Of Invercarney, The
D | G2 BG dGBG | Eeed eAAB | (3GGG BG dGBG | DEGA BGGF |
| G2 BG dGBG |Eeed eAAB | (3GGG BG dGBG | DEGA BG G :|:
f|g2 dg egdA | Beed eAAf | g2 dg egdB | DEGA BGGf |
g2 dg egdA | Beed eAAf | geaf gfed | Bedc BG G |]

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