The Beggarman jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Beggarman
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|:f2d g2e|f2d edB|ABd e2e|efd efg|
f2d g2e|f2d edB|ABd e2d|e2d d3:|
|:c'2b c'ba|b2g agf|gaf gfe|f2d c2B|
A3 d2A|f2A edc|BcA GAB|1 ADD D3:|2 Add d3||
X: 2
T: The Beggarman
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|:"D5(Bm7)"f2d g2e|fed edB|"(G)"ABd e2e-|e2d efg|
"(D/F#)"f2d g2e|"(Em)"fed edB|"(A5)"ABd ef/e/d|ef/e/d d2A:|
"C"c'2b c'ba|b/c'/bg agf|"G"gaf gfe|f2d cd/c/B|"D"A3 d2A|fed edc|
"C"Bc/B/A GAB|"G5"ADD "D5"D2z|"Am7"c'2b c'ba|b/c'/bg agf|"G"gaf gfe|
f2d cd/c/B|"Em"A3 d2A|"D5/F#"fed edc|"G5"Bc/B/A GAB|"A5"Add d2z||
"C"c'bc' dgc'|"G5/B"bda dgd|"D5/A"fg/f/e fga|"G5"cgB gAg|"C"E3 edc|"D5"Bc/B/A GAB|
Bc/B/D cd/c/D|dAd d2z|"C"c'bc' dgc'|"G5/B"bda dgd|"D5/A"fg/f/e fga|
"G5"cgB gAg|"Am7"EFG FGA|"G5/B"DGc Bcd|"C"ceg dgb|"D5"dfa d'2z||
"C"c'bc' dgc'|"G5/B"bda dgd|"D5/A"fg/f/e fga|"G5"cgB gAg|"C"ABc edc|"D5"B/c/BA GAB|
B/c/BE c/d/cE|dAd d'c'b|"C"c'bc' dgc'|"G5/B"bda dgd|"D5/A"fg/f/e fga|"G5"gcG g2z|
"Am7"EFG FGA|"G5/B"DGc Bcd|"C"d/e/dA e/f/eA|f/g/fdgab|"D5"a/b/ad abc'|bgg"G5" gz2||

Eight comments

Response to request

Tune submitted as a response to the request made by jolly trad giant on August 2nd 2012. Transcripted from the rendition found in the debut album of The High Kings (self titled). I’ll also add the recording as soon as possible. Very nice tune indeed, I think it will make a good addition to the repertoire of my band 🙂


Of course this jig has NOTHING to do with the more famous polka, already present here and beautifully interpreted by bands like Gaelic Storm and Orthodox Celts…

C: ?

There’s probably information on the recording as to who composed it?

I don’t know

Unluckily I don’t have access to the original recording, I transcribed the tune listening to the song on youtube -

Doing a little research on the web I see that David Downes arranged this particular rendition, but I couldn’t find the name of the author. Maybe a traditional tune better known with a different name?

That’s never a traditional Irish tune. Someone has posted in the comments that Mairtin O‘Connor and Nollaig ni Chathasaigh are playing the jig [ and, presumably, not “The High Kings” ] - it has all the hallmarks of an O’Connor composition.

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Re: The Beggarman

I can not understand the notes of the variation on B … can someone help me?

Re: The Beggarman, X:2

My comments in the second setting were edited out, so here is how the High Kings do it:
A, B, A, C, A, B, D. The repeat sign marks the end of the A section, and the double bars represent the end of the B, C, and D sections, respectively.