Miss Chalmer’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Miss Chalmer's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
(3gab eb gebe|(3fga da fdad|(3gab eb gebe|dBAF ~E4|
(3gab eb gebe|(3fga da fdad|b2ga fgef|dBAF ~E4||

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Miss Chalmer’s

I’ve learnt this tune from Fintan Vallely’s album the "The Starry Lane To Monaghan".
I’ve posted it as a reel though it might be a strathspey, or some other 4/4 dance tune. Fintan plays it with a fairly strong northern accent or feel to it, but shifts the mood the second time around, playing it with more of a "straight forward" feel to it.
The second part is great fun once you get it well grounded, the tune as a whole has a great kick to it.
I was suprised no one posted it before, even tunepaling it didn’t bring any interesting results. i know a few tunes that have a simillar first part, but the second part is quite unique. Any ideas?


That’s so close, almost too close….

Duplication! ~ except you’ve given it as a straight reel…

Yes, that’s because it is the same melody, the same root.

Miss Chalmer’s

Thanks for submitting this under the title "Miss Chalmer’s", it’s the only way this database knows to link the recordings using that title to the tune submission.

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Fintan’s sleeve notes say…..

…"The tunes described as "Old Scots" on this album - [ includes this one ] - are all taken from "Neil Stewart’s Collection Of Scottish Music", published around 1765".

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Duplication is a very strong word

@ceolachan, The tunes are extremely similar, though both parts A and B of the two tunes have slight differences. but hey, trad tunes can sound alike.
I found it to be quite nice played as reel, once it was recorded as one, might as well be played as one.

"I’ve posted it as a reel though it might be a strathspey" ~ BenZilker

"it is the same melody" ~ but - as a reel, and consequently different enough to remain here, even if the person submitting it wasn’t sure whether or not it was a reel or a strathspey… It wouldn’t be the first time someone got the two forms mixed up. As a ‘strathspey’ it is a duplication, and a few differences don’t make it significantly different…