One recording of a tune named
The Girl Of The House
With a tune named
Dan Collins’ Father’s

The Girl Of The House (jig) is also known as Cailin An Ti Mhoir, Cailín An Tí Mhóir, Dennis Murphy’s, The Girl From The Big House, The Girl In The Big House, The Girl Of The Big House, The Housekeeper, The Lisheen, The Little Girl In The Big House, McLaughlin’s, McLoughlins, Robbie Hannan’s, Robbie Hannon’s.

Dan Collins’ Father’s (jig) is also known as Bill Collin’s, Bill Collins, Bill Collins’, The Boys From Ballymote, The Boys Of Ballymoat, The Boys Of Ballymoate, The Boys Of Ballymote, Collins’, Dan Collin’s Father’s, Dan Collin’s Father’s, Dan Collins Fathers, Dan Collins Favourite, Dan Collins’, Dan Sullivan’s Father’s, Daniel Michael Collins’s Father’s, The Harty Boys, The Hawk From Dundalk, The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote, The Humours Of Ballymote, Up In The Morning, Willie McGee’s.

These Are the Days by Burning Bridget Cleary

  1. Girl Of The House
  2. Stan Chapman’s
  3. Boys Of Ballymoat