A Tribute To Elizabeth Beaton strathspey

By Father Angus Morris

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Tribute To Elizabeth Beaton
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E<D|C<E- E2 E2 E<A|F2 D2 E2 E<D|C<E- E2 c2 c<e|d>cBA F2 E<D|
C<E- E2 E2 A2|F2 A2 E2 d2|c2 c<e d>cBA|E2 A2 A2:|
ed|c/B/A- A2 E2 A2|c2 e2 a3 c|d2 f2 B3 a|b>agf e2 d2|
c2 e2 e2 A2|c e3 a2 c2|d<B- B2 e2 ed|c<A- A2 A2 ed|
c/B/A- A2 E2 A2|c2 e2 a3 c|d2 f2 B2 f2|b>agf e2 d2|
c2 e2 A2 c2|F2 A2 D2 d2|c2 c<e d>cBA|E2 A2 A2||

Two comments

A Tribute to Elizabeth Beaton

This is a beautiful slow air composed by Father Angus Morris, a Cape Breton fiddler born on Cape Breton in 1936. He was hugely influenced by fellow fiddler Donald Angus Beaton, and this tune was composed for Beaton’s widow Elizabeth, who was a “wonderful pianist” who backed Donald Angus and his sons Kinnon and Joey. This transcription is from the playing of Father Angus himself, on the 2002 album ‘Traditional Fiddle Music of Cape Breton Vol.1- Mabou Coal Mines’.

The tune is necessarily the bare bones, and listening to the original would be advantageous. Morris is a very fine player, and obviously conveys the emotion which went into such an evocative piece.

Lovely Nigel ~ thanks. It’s appropriate tonight…