Anne McQuarrie’s reel

By Donald Angus Beaton

Also known as Ann MacQuarrie, Ann MacQuarrie’s, Anne MacQuarrie, Anne MacQuarrie’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Anne McQuarrie's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
ag|aA A/A/A =g2 fg|afec eAce|aA A/A/A =g2 fg|afec Befg|
aA A/A/A =g2 fg|afec eAce|agfe fgaf|ecBc A2:|
e2|A/A/A e2 A/A/A e2|fefg afec|A/A/A e2 A/A/A e2|fecA B2 B2|
A/A/A e2 A/A/A e2|fefg agfe|fdfg agaf|ecBc A2:|

Two comments

Anne MacQuarrie’s Reel

A great reel from Donald Angus Beaton, this transcription comes from the playing of New England fiddler Zoe Darrow, and is somewhat different to other versions I’ve heard. As a comparison, here’s the one transcribed by Ken Perlman from fiddler paul MacDonald of Queens County, Prince Edward Island:

T:Anne McQuarrie’s Reel
C:Donald Angus Beaton
S:Book-Ken Perlman, Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island
Z:Nigel Gatherer
AE | A/A/A Ac A/A/A e=g | fefg afec | A/A/A Ac A/A/A e=g | feac B2 Bc |
A/A/A Ac A/A/A e=g | fefg agfe | fefg agfe | f/g/a ec A2 :|
e/f/g | aA A/A/A =g2 fg | afec eAAg | aA A/A/A =g2 fg | afec B2 eg |
aA A/A/A =g2 fg | afec eAAg | agfe fgaf | ecBc A/A/A :|

Flipped A and B Parts

It’s rather interesting how some people flip the A and B parts. In this sheet music ( it has the parts flipped but in the recordings of Cynthia MacLeod, Glenn Graham, and Theresa MacLellan it is played the way provided here (on the session, not the linked sheet music), yet the Beatons of Mabou and Winnie Chafe play it the way it is is written in the linked-to sheet music.

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