Mickey Duggan polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mickey Duggan
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: FA dA | BA dA | FA de | f/e/d e2 |
FA dA | BA de | f/e/d BA |[1 Bc d2 :|[2 Bc d>e ||
|: fa ab | af ed/e/ | fd BA | Be ed/e/ |
fa ab | af ed/e/ | f/e/d BA |[1 Bc d>e :|[2 Bc d2 |]

Four comments

"Set Dances Of Ireland: Music For Listening And Dancing"


Track 19: "Mickey Duggan"

Transcribed from the playing of ~

Denis McMahon - fiddle - born 1941, Castleisland, County Kerry
Timmy O’Connor - melodeon - born 1935, Tureendarby, Newmarket, County Cork
Paudy Scully - flute & whistle - born 1954, Newmarket, Country Cork

& repeating a plea for a particular recordings: "Set Dances Of Ireland, Volume IV"


This was the fourth and last of a series of set dancing tapes produced by Larry Lynch. I’ve been trying to contact Larry and anyone else in hopes of purchasing this, or at the least getting access to it so I could digitize it into WAVs. Any help toward this want would be much appreciated…

Titled "Mick Duggan’s" on Phoenix by Any Old Time.

Another three Mick Duggan’s polkas appear on Matt Cranitch’s "Give it Shtick" - none of them this tune. But sure you know that ceolachan since you submitted at least two of them with that name to the database.