Winter In Columbus reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Winter In Columbus
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|: E2 GE BEGE | cBAG FEDF | E2 GE BEGE | cBAG F4 |
E2 GE BEGE | cBAG FE D2 | GFGA BcBA |1cBAG FEDE :|2 cBAG F4 |]
|: B2 gf eB B2 | cedB cB A/B/c | B2 gf eB B2 | afdf gfed |
B2 gf eB B2 | cedB cBAB | cBAG FGAB |1 cBAG FE D2 :|2 cBAG F4 |]

Two comments

A reel by Mike Dugger

Here’s a lovely tune composed by Mike Dugger of Kansas City that gets played in sessions here in Columbus, Ohio. It’s on his album “The Lovers Quarrel.”

It’s copyrighted material but I asked Mike at the session last night if it was okay to post it here and he said ok.

‘Winter In Columbus’ is usually played as a slowish reel.

Mike moved to Columbus recently from Kansas City, solely because of the somber beauty of the winters here, I’m convinced.

This could go with..

As soon as I started to play this tune I wondered if it would go with a tune I like to play called "Trip to Pakistan". I tried it and it does seem to go which solves a bit of a problem as I have been looking for something which would fit in with the rather dark tones of "The trip". Anyone agree?