Moolah Rouge slip jig

By Colin Farrell

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One setting

X: 1
T: Moolah Rouge
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G2 d2 dB/c/d|ee dB AGE|D2 ED GDA|BB GB AGE|
GG d2 dB/c/d|ee dB AGE|GG DG ABA|1 Gz GG edB:|2 Gz GG ABd||
|:ee dB deg|ee dB AGE|D2 ED GDA|BB GB AB/c/d|
ee dB deg|ee dB AGE|GG DG ABA|1 Gz GG ABd:|2 Gz GG edB||
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Transcription based on Colin Farrell’s *On the Move* album, where the tune is played on an F whistle.

For those wanting to play along with the recording:

|: B2 f2 fd/2e/2f | gg fd cBG | F2 GF BFc | dd Bd cBG |
BB f2 fd/2e/2f | gg fd cBG | BB FB cdc |1 Bz BB gfd :|2 Bz BB cdf ||
|: gg fd fgb | gg fd cBG | F2 GF BFc | dd Bd cd/2e/2f |
gg fd fgb | gg fd cBG | BB FB cdc |1 Bz BB cdf :|2 Bz BB gfd ||

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Moolah Rouge

What a shame that this tune is displayed in the listings on this site as a slip jig and 9/8 when bdh has gone to all the trouble to transcribe this exceptional tune in 7/8.

At least the sheetmusic is in 7/8.

Soho South (also in 7/8), the first tune in the video, is to be found at
and is also posted by bdh. This listing suffers from the same time signature problem.

These are two unusual (in the nicest sense of the word) tunes which deserve to be represented correctly here. Can anything be done, please?

BTW, another 7/8 I have come across, which would these days be viewed as somewhat dated, is Brubeck’s Unsquare Dance. A very interesting youtube of this is to be found at

Not Irish in anyway!

I note that the beat is much more defined in the Brubeck than in the modern “traditional” tunes.

All the best

Peter Jenkins

There are other 7/8 and mixed meter tunes on site here and all have been basically treated the same way, by adding the M: before the ABCs, and by using [M: * ] within the transcription. But, they do tend to be dropped into different areas, slip jigs, barndances, and even the category of jigs. That does make them hard to chase up if you haven’t a title and just want to enjoy a mixed meter tune. One idea has been to add, for example, 7/8 into the alternate title section so that it can be searched that way, as has been done for most of the marches and highland flings, an ongoing task… 😉