Mistwold polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mistwold
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D|GA Bc|d2 Bd|c2 Ac|BA/G/ AD|
G>A Bc|d2 Bd|cA GF|1 G3:|2 GA Bc||
|:d2 Bd|c>B Ac|B2 GB|AF/E/ DD|
E2 F2|G2 Ac|BG AF|1 G>A Bc:|2 G3||

Twelve comments

"Mistwold" ~ C: Dudley Laufman

With someone adding one of Bob McQuillen’s tunes recently, "Robin’s Bodhran", and touching base with a friend and acquaintance of Bob’s, and another of Ralph Page’s influences, Dudley Laufman, Dudley reminded of one of his own tunes, this simple and sweet little number, "Mistwold". This little number regularly gives dancers guidance across the floor, especially at contras driven by the bows of Dudley and Jacqueline Laufman themselves. So, I thought, risking chastisement from a few here, that it might add this one, with a nod of respect to Dudley and the influences that first brought him heart and mind to that great union of music and dance.

Traditional New England Barn Dances
Dudley Laufman & Jacqueline Laufman

Wind in the Timothy Press

Dudley Laufman - collection at the University of New Hampshire

Dudley Laufman, of Canterbury, NH, received a National Heritage Fellowship in September of 2009.

Dudley Laufman - National Heritage Fellowship presentation

Dudley Laufman - National Heritage Fellowship interview

Dudley Laufman - National Heritage Fellowship - music, dance & calling - & this tune too - "Mistwold" ( in G ), etc…

"I used to work on a dairy farm in Fremont, New Hampshire, and the people I worked for, Jonathan Quimby, Bucky Quimby, played the fiddle, and his wife Betty called the dances, and, she had had an idea that she wanted to do a kitchen junket. She’d read about it somewhere and thought that that’s what she’d like to do. So, we lived in an old farmhouse, built in the late 1700s. We first said we’d do our chores, milk the cows. Then we’d have a corn roast. Then we’d go into the kitchen and have a hymn sing. Then we’d move the furniture aside and have all the neighbours in. Jonathan would play the fiddle. Betty would call the dances. And we did The Virginia Reel three times and Hinky Dinky Parlez once. I just loved it. They had a fire in the fireplace, so there’d be the smell of the wood smoke and the rosiny sound of the fiddle and the firelight gleaming on the girls hair, and I was hooked… ~ That was 60 years ago… ~ That’s the image I have, and it’s never left. It doesn’t matter where I’m playing, that image is there…" - Dudley Laufman

That should have read "others influenced by Ralph Page" ~ but ~ when teaching, passing on tradition and passion, when doing it right, we cannot avoid being influenced by those we influence… To teach is to learn, a lifetime’s ambition…

Dear Ralph Page was a wonderful character and a major influence on many…

Ralph Page

Dudley & Jaqueline Laufman

"Mistwold" C: Dudley Laufman ~ The Fiddler’s Companion - Andrew Kuntz


"Mistwold" ~ American, Reel. USA, New Hampshire. B Flat Major (Laufman): G Major (Barnes). Standard tuning. AABB. A modern composition by caller Dudley Laufman (Canterbury, New Hampshire) in honor of Mistwold Farm in Fremont, New Hampshire, where he first country danced. "Jonathan Quimby was my first fiddler and Mrs. Sheldon the pianist. We danced in the living room on the orange wide-boarded floor. Everyone could tell when we had come straight from the barn without bathing because of the heavy odor of talc" [Laufman]

Barnes and the Laufmans are well acquainted, I’d guess that it was the other way round, that Peter got the notes from Dudley…

But, as to ‘copying’ in general, it does rile me, if not obvious already, especially when someone is that lazy and adds to it by not bothering to credit their source, or not bothering to comment at all, what I call a ‘dump-and-run’… 😏

"Mistwold" ~ the bare bones, not that it needs that

This is a lovely tune for folks wanting to gently enter into the joy of playing for dancers, welcoming for beginning and developing musicians and dancers… But here’s a bare bones take on it anyway:

X: 2
T: Mistwold
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: polka
K: Gmaj
|: D |\
GA Bc | d2 Bd | c2 Ac | BA/G/ AD |
GA Bc | d2 Bd | cA GF | G3 :|[
|: B |\
d2 Bd | c2 Ac | B2 GB | AF D2 |
E2 F2 | G2 A2 | BG AF | G3 :|

I’ve also some mind that it was also played in other keys, including Bb and A…

"Mistwold" ~ having given the bare bones, now for a little fun with other possibilities

X: 3
T: Mistwold
C: Dudley Laufman
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: polka
K: Gmaj
|: d |\
GG/A/ Bc | d2 B/c/d | c2 A/B/c | BA/G/ Ad |
G2 A/B/c | d2 Bg | fd c/B/A |[1 G3 :|[2 GA Bc ||
|: dG B/c/d | cA- Ac | BG DB | A/G/F/E/ DC/D/ |
E2 FE/F/ | GF/G/ A>c | Bg Ad |[1 G>A A/B/c :|[2 G3 |]

Apologies Peter, my confusion, I misread what you’d written. Now to see if I can get Jeremy to remove the links to that ‘offending’ website…

I’d gotten my notes confused and thought ‘Relevant Music’ had something to do with Dudley, originally only having found that transcription, the dots, then simply deconstructing that back to the source homepage and then, as a matter of courtesy, giving that homepage as well, but never actually visiting and checking out that website. It’s only after you gave me a good kick that I realized it wasn’t a Dudley website but someone else’s, and since then I’ve had a quick skim of that website… 😛