The Big Egg jig

Also known as The Egged Wig, Ŵy Fawr, ŵy Mawr.

The Big Egg has been added to 4 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Big Egg
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
"Em"EGB ^cdc|BGF "C"E2D|"Em"EGB ^cdc|Ba^g "B7"=g2d|
"Em"EGB ^cdc|BGF "C"ED=C|"Cmaj7"B,EG BcB|1 "B7" ^AD^D "Em"E2B:|2 "B7"^AD^D "Em"EFG||
"Am"Ace Ace|a^g=g "F"=f2c|"Am"Ace Ace|"F"=fec "E7"dB^G|
"Am"Ace Ace|a^g=g "F"=fed|"Cmaj7"cE=G BcB|1 "B7" ^AD^D "Em"EFG:|2 "B7"^AD^D "Em"E3||

Seven comments

I’d love to give this a go on a slide whistle or a theremin…

“The Scrambled Egg” ~ damn it! ~ it grows on you 😀 ( me stirrin’ it up! 😎 )

But I’m thinking something more like “The Blob”. It’s a good tune for Halloween. Yes, I’ve been playing it on various things and am enjoying it too.

X: 2
T: Big Egg, The
T: Ŵy Fawr
C: Chris Nichols
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Emin
|: B |\
EGB ^cdc | BGF E2 ^D | EG/A/B ^cdc | Ba^g =g2 d |
EGB ^c2 c | BGF ED=C | B,EG B>cB | ^AD^D E2 :|
|: F/G/ |\
Ace Ace | a^g=g =f2 c | Ace Ace | =fec dB^G |
Ace A2 e | b/^a/=a/^g/=g =fed | cEG B>cB | ^AD^D E2 :|

C: Chris Nichols ?

? ? ?

Isn’t it crazy how the gender for an egg, of all things, would be ‘masculine’? I can’t see any sense in that. 😀

Newbies etc

I was one of those ‘newbee’ people whose first appearance on this site was submission of one of my own tunes. An easy mistake to make, when you see a list of tunes that appear to be non-traditional, and a button marked ‘Submit a tune’.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to have some sort of warning under the ‘submit a tune’ button which gives a brief description of the protocol? Or a screen before you can actually get to the submit a tune part that says “Please don’t saturate the site with your own useless crap” or something?

A ‘first’ is usually not reason to comment, other than maybe asking newbies to check out the FAQs. However, when something is dropped on site without comment, that is a bit odd. It was obviously a composition, either the contributors or by someone they knew about, but nothing was said, no attribution given. That, I think, is odd, sad… It becomes an orphan tune. It’s good, whether the tune is great, fair or cack, to know something about its origins, and if there’s a story behind it, the inspiration, whatever the end product is, sweet or sour…