The Girls Of Grindavik slip jig

By Matti Kallio

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Girls Of Grindavik
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A2B cBA GEE|A2B ced BAG|A2B cBA Gcd|egf gdc BAG:|
|:egg dgg cgg|BGG G2A Bcd|egg dge dcB|1 cAA ABG Acd:|2 cAA ABG A2E||
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This is a recently composed slip jig, inspired by the Vietnamese female staff of the fish factory in Grindavik, Iceland.

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This tune is composed by Matti Kallio, aka me.

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Like it

I’ve just been messing around putting chords to this and came up with the following:

|: A / G | D / Em | A / C | Em / / :|
|: A Em A | Em / Bm | C / Em | D / Em :|

There’s something about the bit that goes Gcd|egf gdc BAG that makes me want to throw in a chord of Cmaj to clash with the C#. I also like the way the 2nd part doesn’t start with an A, as you might expect.


Whoops… the tune was meant to be of course in A-dorian instead of mixolydian. Dow, this might mean you wanna take a look at the cords once more… Sorry!

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Chord correction

Whoops!! 🙂)
In that case I’d make the As A minors in the A part, and you can use even more Cs in the B part:

|:C G C | Em / Bm | C / Em | Dsus4 / D :|

I like both versions actually. The Amix version was probably a bit more unusual because the notes don’t appear where you’d expect, but it’s really catchy. It proves that Amix and Ador tunes don’t just differ in terms of a note in the scale; the whole way they’re written and their structure is different. I liked the way the Amix version went against the “accepted” structure and order of notes without being jarring on the ear.

I’m assuming you were inspired by the Vietnamese females because they are generally stunningly beautiful, and not because one of them hummed you a tune!

Nice tune

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