Sawdl Y Fuwch jig

Also known as Clawdd Offa, The Cowslip, Offa’s Dyke, The Oswestry Square.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Sawdl Y Fuwch
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A|:d2 d A2 A|F A2 A2 A|d2 d F2 G|A3 A2 G|
d2 d Bcd|A2 d e2 e|d4 d2|cd z4|
e2 e c2 d|e2 e2 de|f2 f d2 e|f2 f2 fe|
dcB A2 A|BAG F2 A|Bcd e2 c|d3 d3|
d d2 cde|fee c B2|A d2 fec|B3 A2 A|
dcB A2 A|BAG F2 A|Bcd e2 c|d3 d2:|
X: 2
T: Sawdl Y Fuwch
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|d2 d A2 G|F A2- A2 A|d2 d F2 G|A3- A2 A|
dcd BB/c/d|e2 c A2 d|BB/c/d ecA|d3 d2:|
|:c/d/|e2 e c2 d|efe e>de|f2 f d2 e|f3 f2 e|
dcB AFA|BB/A/G FGA|Bcd e2 c|d3 -d2:|
|:c|d2 c Bde|fe/d/c B2 A|d2 f edc|B3 AA/B/c|
dcB A2 A|B>AG F2 A|Bcd e2 c|df/e/d d2:|

Six comments

The Tune

Source: “Cymdeithas Ddawns Werin Cymru” (The Welsh Folk Dance Scociety, A nice little tune again from one of my old leaflets, this time not that old but from the late 60’s

Offa’s Dyke

I learned this tune in a slightly different form from Peter Barnes, author of the Barnes Book of (New England) English Country Dance Tunes, as Offa’s Dyke.


By the way, I often throw a lot of slurs into this tune if I’m in the mood, but doing this is not recognised in tradition for this tune so I’ve not posted the slurs!!!

2 bars missing!

Unfortunately Daf - you’ve left 2 bars out of the first 8!… Go back to the original manuscript and the slurs arent there either!


“Blodau’r Grug: 100 Popular Welsh Folk Dance Tunes”

Cymdeithas Ddawns Werin Cymru = The Welsh Folk Dance Society, 1992
Selected and arranged by Alex Hamilton
Revised by Robin Huw Bowen
page 19, tune 32 ~
“Clawdd Offa” = “Offa’s Dyke”
“The Oswestry Square”
“Sawdl y Fuwch” = “The Cowslip”

I recommend this, the first of two collections, for anyone with an interest in Welsh dance music, chords are included…

“Clawdd Offa” / “Offa’s Dyke”

K: Dmaj
|: A |
d2 d A2 G | F A2- A2 A | d2 d F2 G | A3- A2 A |
dcd BB/c/d | e2 c A2 d | BB/c/d ecA | d3 d2 :|
|: c/d/ |
e2 e c2 d | efe e>de | f2 f d2 e | f3 f2 e |
dcB AFA | BB/A/G FGA | Bcd e2 c | d3 -d2 :|
|: c |
d2 c Bde | fe/d/c B2 A | d2 f edc | B3 AA/B/c |
dcB A2 A | B>AG F2 A | Bcd e2 c | df/e/d d2 :|