Brustuens Avskjedsvals waltz

Also known as Brustuen’s Departure.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Brustuens Avskjedsvals
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
GB d3e|d4B2|G2g3_a|g4e2|c2d2e2|d3c B2|A2d2A2|B2AB G2|
GB d3e|d4B2|G2g3_a|g4e2|c2d2e2|d2A2B2|c2B2A2|G6:|
|:G2B2d2|c2d2B2|G2A2 ^F2|D6|B3A Bc|d3c B2|d6|d6:|
G2B2d2|d4g2|g3f e2|c3d e2|d3c B2|A4e2|
d6|d6|G2B2d2|d4g2|g3f e2|c3d e2|
d3c B2|A2z2f2|d3c B2|A3G ^F2|G6|G6|]

Two comments

Brustuen’s Departure Waltz

There have been a few Scandinavian tunes submitted lately, so I’ll add another.
This waltz comes from Norway. It relates to a Per Brustuen, from Vågå in Gudbrandsdalen, who emigrated to America with his three brothers in 1927. He is said to have played this tune at a farewell party before he departed. I first heard the tune from the band ‘Nye Ringnesin’ on their CD ‘Leik’.

In E Minor better for whistle

X: 1
T: Norwegian Waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
R: wfltz
K: Emin
EG B3c|B4G2|E2e3_f|e4c2|A2B2c2|B3A G2|F2B2F2|G2FG E2|
EG B3c|B4G2|E2e3_f|e4c2|A2B2c2|B2F2G2|A2G2F2|E6:|
|:E2G2B2|A2B2G2|E2F2 ^D2|E6|G3F GA|B3A G2|B6|B6:|
E2G2B2|B4e2|e3d c2|A3B c2|B3A G2|F4c2|
B6|B6|E2G2B2|B4e2|e3d c2|A3B c2|
B3A G2|F2z2d2|B3A G2|F3E ^D2|E6|E6|]

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