Paddy Carey slide

Also known as Paddy Carey’s, Paidin Ua Ciarda, Queen’s Welcome.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Paddy Carey
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|d2 d dcd B2 d A3|ABc def g2 e c2 A|
d2 d dcd B2 d A3|ABc def g2 c d2:|
|:A|d2 e f2 f fgf fed|c2 d e2 e e^de ecA|
d2 e f2 f fgf fed|e2 c ABc d3- d2:|

Four comments

"Paddy Carey"

You can blame dear Nigel Gatherer for reminding me of this one, indirectly. We used to play this one for dance, but I haven’t played it for some time, until this weekend. It remains a lot of fun to play, though my remembered way with it is a little different from the historical remnant that follows. I haven’t looked elsewhere yet, but would love to see some other ways with this.

And no, it isn’t the same tune as the other "Paddy Carey" on site here…

"Paddy Carey" - as published by James S. Kerr, 1870s

X: 2
T: Paddy Carey
B: B: "Kerr’s First Collection of Merry Melodies", Glasgow, 1870s, page 27
N: category: "Tunes for Flirtations, Country Dances, &c.", pages 21 ("Country Dances") - 30
N: "Same figure" - given after title, which I believe refers to a figure of a quadrille
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig, single
K: DMaj
|: A |\
d2 d dcd | B2 d A3 | ABc def | g2 e cBA |
d2 d dcd | B2 d A3 | ABc def | gec d2 :|
|: A |\
d2 e f2 f | fgf fed | e2 d e2 d | e2 d e2 f |
d2 e f2 f | fgf fed | e2 d e2 f | d3 d2 :|

& R: country dance

Queen’s Welcome

I have had this tune in my repertoire as a jig for at least thirty years as ‘Queen’s Welcome’.
The ‘A’ music is virtually the same but the ‘B’ music is as follows:
||: d2e f2g | fgf fed | e2d e2d | e2d efe | d2e f2g | fgf fed | e2d e2d | efe d3 :||

I play the ‘e’s in bars 3 & 7 as trills. (3efe d (3efe d . Hope that makes sense.

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