Banana Feet reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Banana Feet
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
DA,~A,2 FGAF|~G3A GECE|DA,~A,2 FGAd|cAGc ADDE:|2 cAGc ADDd||
|:cAGA ~F3d|cAGc ADDd|cdBG AGAB|~c3A Gc~c2|
Ecec ~d3e|dBGB A^cde|fgfe df~f2|d=cAF Gede:|
|:fd~d2 Adfd|~e3f gece|~d3e dcAd|=cAGE EDDe|
~f3g afdf|e^c~c2 Acec|dGBd gbag|1 (3fed ec dcde:|2 (3fed ec dAAB||
|:~c3E FGAB|cAFc BGBd|cE~E2 FGAB|1 ~c3A GB~B2:|2 ~c3A GECE||

Six comments

This is a tune I composed myself a while ago which I wanted to share with you (since it seems to be acceptable to post your own compositions). The title refers not to my inability to play football, but rather to what has become my party trick. A few months back I was discussing with my family how some people can pick things up with their toes, and then to prove a point I proceeded to peel a banana using only my feet. My family were amazed, but I thought it was a completely normal thing to be able to do. It is isn’t it?….

Er, yes, perhaps the ability is normal, but the *desire* to do so strikes me as a bit odd. 😉

My brother used to type and play piano with his toes. But he can also hum one tune while whistling a different one, at the same time. I’m satisfied with my somewhat simian ability to hold things with my toes—I’ll pick up socks, litter, etc., with my toes, and my wife always looks at me sideways when I do it. But I used to juggle ping pong balls with my mouth….

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I, on the other hand, am merely satisfied with being able to move bow and fingers in something approximating to synchronisation … some of the time!

Variation on 1st 2 bars

I wasn’t sure if bar 2 was a bit weird for the fiddle so here’s a variation: |A,D~D2 FGAD|EAGA GEDC|A, etc.

I’ve revised the 1st part to |DA,~A2 FGAF|~G3A GECE|DA,~A,2 FGAd|cAGc ADDE:|

Hey Dow, I really like the first part of your tune here! It’s great!
Yet, it seems to me you have weakened the tune by lengthening the second part: Wouldn’t it be better to repeat the motifs of the first bar(s) of this second part rather than go off on a tangent?. The third part is not needed and the last part could be played as a variation only… as far as I hear it!
What d’you reckon? At present, the tune’s form only suggests that your banana peeling sessions are rather awkward and protracted, passed the initial amazement. And I’m sure they aren’t! 😉